Monday, July 25, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

What a wonderful email from your President. Congratulations aren't appropriate, but you have them anyway. We're so proud of you and the trust you've engendered from your leader.

You sent us a picture last week we had no information about, as well as the link of you on the air:

I found this wonderful tidbit in my mail this week: "NEW LONDON, CT- A Ledyard resident was recently elected to lead a newly established church in New London, the Norwich Bulletin reported.

Richard Hutchins will serve as the first stake president of the New London Connecticut Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, according to the Norwich Bulletin.

Hutchins formerly was president of the Providence Stake, as reported by the Norwich Bulletin. That district included 16 congregations that had grown under him."

And, on the other end of New England your grandmother is trying to get the local Catholic congregation to join her in touring the New London temple. She wrote, "Our local priest, Father Houston wants to go again.  We took him to the Boston Temple and he has asked to go to the Hartford Temple. Maybe some other good Catholics will go as well. Two Sundays ago, Father Houston talked about Grampy from the pulpit, how he had to be rushed to the hospital, how faithful Grampy is in fulfilling his commitments.  We have a wonderful relationship with him."

I mention both these stories as their example goes a long way in establishing relationships in the community. You learned a bit of this principle in your last area, working with your English class. Use this new area to build upon your experience. Initiating good things in the community goes a long way in furthering your efforts

Your aunt and uncle vacationed to Oakland, CA this week. In celebration of their anniversary they returned to Uncle Steve's mission. Pictures have been showing them on the coast, at his old church,  at the temple, in front of Redwood trees. Fun! I thought you'd enjoy seeing the new Uncle Steve. I think he's lost close to one hundred pounds.

I spent the week in Fort Worth going to a forty hour training class. Very informative, and I started the day four hours later! Loved sleeping in a bit more. I got home earlier as well. And, I enjoyed bringing some new things to the table at work, as well as a few questions and concerns. Learning is wonderful.. I hope you enjoy your early morning study time as much.

This week's favorite livestock call? Wild hogs, running loose in a field behind a large apartment complex. And because of the urban setting, they can only be trapped.

This is Sawyer's favorite sign of the week:

This is G.I. Joe love from Miller:

This is Cooper;s newest plane creation, made out of foam plates. And it floats.

Breyer is progerssing by leap and bounds with her letters and comprehension. One day she brought a paper to me with T-O-E and said, "Look, Mom! I know how to write foot!" Too funny. Now that she knows what she's spelling, she'll share her TOE expertise with any visitors. Tonight she conquered MAN. And she gets it.

Our washing machine doesn't agitate. I can't believe how much agitating helps clean the clothes. We've decided to just buy a new machine instead of trying to have it fixed. We didn't care for it very much, and it's already been through a move, and wash for an army. In the meantime, I've been making weekly trips to the laundry mat. Your brothers and sister usually come and help. Having five or six machines at your disposal makes doing the wash easy. And all the counter space where you can fold and pile, make dividing easy. It might be hard to go back to loads of laundry!

I forgot to mention Sawyer and Miller were in another golf tournament. Sawyer got third out of six, and Miller was first again, the only one in his division. They played on the country club course. Miller told me he got one over par on every hole except one, on which he got par. He's good. Sawyer's cute. You are a great example. Your brothers ask about you often. Breyer asks daily, "How much longer?" 

I know how much longer. And I'll love you the whole time. Be good, stay safe. Be true.



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Bachland :) said...

I'm with Breyer, "How much longer". But I'll wait and keep enjoying the weekly letters!