Thursday, April 1, 2010

Portsmouth, Ohio

About forty minutes away from us is Portsmouth, Ohio, a town which suffered greatly during the 1937 flood.

After this flood, floodwalls were built, to stem the rise of the river after torential downpours.

This mural depicts the only fatality of the flood, a mother whose boat capsized, and drowned saving her baby, a lady who still lives today.

The murals began with an ad hoc committee, beginning in 1993, and were finished in 2002.

They range from depicting the history of that area, to famous residents that have lived there to the Portsmouth motorcycle club.

Tanner conversing with a friendly local.

Rogers' early years were spent on a farm a short distance away, and an annual festival in his honor is held in the spring, including a tour of his home.

2000 feet of history, 2000 feet of art


Jenny said...

Now THAT is cool.

Joy said...

I would love to see that. Did you all walk it all?

Becky said...

Fascinating. What's even MORE fascinating? Picturing Tanner on his mission. He looks FAB in his Sunday outfit!

Alana said...

Wow, you guys find the neatest stuff. What great art.

shirlgirl said...

More wonderful things you have found to do. My favorite cowboy/cowgirl were Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Love that picture of Roy with Trigger.
Looks like a lot of fun.

enickel said...

What a GREAT place to take your boys! It is beautiful. Congrats on your Eagle Scout! Now the rest of your boys have a lot to live up to. ;)

Amy M. said...

Wow- that is beautiful. It's similar to the cave depictions for people to remember the history. We've come a long way from cave depictions. Love to SEE the history.