Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Tanner was asked by some high school teachers to enter work in poetry, creative writing and physics in an academic festival,
SCORES: Search Committee on Recognizing Excellent Students
sponsored by Marshall University,
including high school students from four states (WV, OH, KY, VA).
He won first place in poetry.
We joked about his poem,
only because he thought of who might be judging it
and wrote one to please their style.
Not his usual style,
but we're proud of him.

I Am the Bridge
I am, but the grass between two oaks; a carpet joining the mighty tread of two colossi.
Joining the roots of one to another and proving a canvas to spread their mixed shade.
I am, the moss raised between two solid slabs of concrete, each laid to connect the path of children and their thoughts.
Rounding what were once sharp boundaries and joining them with a bridge; soft underfoot for ants and men alike.
I am that poet desired by Mnemosyne to sing melodies into the world's ear.
A being whose only pain arises from miseries viewed hostage from Privilege's window.
A light, lost among the lost; Hope's own link in the fragile chain forged from generations.
Man to boy; boy yet man.
And when a man, pray I am still a boy.
Even one who gazes still at unreached celestial glories
With newly awakened eyes.
And stops while
To rest among beds of grass.


The Mormon Monk said...

I would be lying if I said I was a Walt Whitman fan...but this is a pretty good imitation and an impressive accomplishment. Good for you!

NeeNee said...

Well done! Congratulations Tanner! I always felt you were a gifted writer.

shirlgirl said...

Congratulations, Tanner. Writing poetry is in the genes, that's for sure. You are to be commended on your poem and for coming in first place. Awesome job!! Love, Aunt Shirley

The Renaissance Man said...

I'd also be lying if I said I was a fan of Walt Whitman but sometimes you have to write to please an audience....especially if there are bonus points in store...