Thursday, April 8, 2010

Look what's hatching on the farm!

We passed the Easter clearance in the store,
and Miller grabbed a BIG yellow duck.
"Miller, put the duck back."
Miller, we're not buying the duck."
Miller, I didnt bring money to buy the duck today."
So much for obedience.
He skipped down the aisle,
throwing the duck in the air and catching it,
and singing to an already chosen name,
Clucky Ducky.
No amount of convincing,
and let's-not-create-a-scene coaxing worked.
Let the cashier handle this.
(whisper voice)
"I'm not interested in purchasing the duck.
Could you pretend to scan it, and then make it disappear?"
Miller waited at the end of the conveyor belt,
quickly noticing the duck not enjoying the trip to the bags.
Tears brimmed in his eyes.
"Mom, where's clucky ducky?"
"Miller, you have lots of stuffed animals you can play with
under your crib."
"Mom, those aren't mine."
He was right.
He has a one, green monster, named Fenway.
Call me a softie. I deserve it today.
Meet the newest addition to the farm.


Jenny said...

Atta girl, sis.
Makin' the rest of us moms look GOOD today.

Bachland :) said...

Miller and his own little duck. Does Clucky Ducky need a car seat also?

LL said...

Clucky could you resist. Miller is adorable!

Becky said...

You're a GOOD mom. :) And he's a lucky boy. Love the name.

shirlgirl said...

Welcome to the family, Clucky Ducky! That picture melts my heart!

Alana said...

I'm totally a softie too. DH can get anything out of me.

The Vieiras said...

Hey, being a softie once in a while isn't a bad thing, AND you got it on clearance. Besides, look at his sweet little grin. You made his day!