Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Male Cake Bake

This cake is a couple of bowling lanes,
balls and pins included!
It's the annual male cake bake,
and we had the family's best friend over for the day.
Noah brought home medal with this creation he
found, planned and executed all by himself
(except for Dad's decorating assistance ;-).
Cooper went for the bunny cake,
since it was so close to Easter.
Yummy! Chocolate cake and coconut are a delicious combination!


Jenny said...

male cake bake?
What will you think of next?

Jo Jo said...

Jen Jen, trust me! I did not think of this one. It was for Cubscouts!

Becky said...

They both are very creative, but I'd definitely choose the chocolate/coconut combination - sounds yummy! :)

LL said...

love the bunny reminds me of my childhood!

shirlgirl said...

I've made the bunny cake a few times. Once on Easter and it was your Dad's birthday. I have a picture of him taking the "bite". Zach was about Mason's age at the time. I used jelly beans for the eyes and red licorice strands for the whiskers plus the coconut. Fun cake to make. I'd say the male cake bake was a great idea and there is quite a bit of talent in both those cakes. Yum!

Duncan Chaos said...

Amy, thanks so much for being there for us that day. It had been a long, long week and you went above and beyond! Noah really needed some extra time that I was not able to give him. Thanks for giving so much of your time to him last week! You are the best!