Friday, April 9, 2010


I woke with a START this morning.

I heard knocking, and woke with a *gasp*!

"Jarrod, get up! The seminary kids are knocking at our door!

Panic ensues.

Jarrod hops out of bed,

trips on bedcovers,

fumbles for his glasses,

steps on the dog,

runs down the stairs,

and no one is there.

Then I realize what made the knocking sound.

I'm convulsing with laughter in the bed.

I'm hiding under the covers as I was not the one who left its warmth.

It was the dog, scratching an ear,

which made the metal ring on his collar hit the wall.

It was a good morning to serve fried dough.

Sweetened up the early morning rousing!


Smilin' sunshine said...

Laughing! What a way to start the morning!


The Mormon Monk said...

Methinks your sister Becky--who left the warm comfort of the house for the Braverman's--might be best prepared to commiserate with your husband.

LL said...

LAUGHING. I hate those jump start panic mornings. I had one just the other day, almost missed my twalking appointment.

Becky said...

Laughing over here too as I am picturing your husband. I am NOT a fan of jump start panic awakenings. Yummy picture though - need to make some of those. BTW, you need to post the recipe on our blog with that picture. Hasn't been done yet. :)

shirlgirl said...

That is too funny--nothing like a quick wake-up in the morning. I did that once thinking I was late for work and jumped out of bed. I then realized that it was Saturday--heavenly days!

NeeNee said...


Alana said...

I'm laughing at the baseball picture and sawyer's face. Its too cute, reminds me of DH.

Jenny said...

Up and at 'em!

Amy M. said...

Hahaha, that was great. That will get his heart pumping. That was nice of you to serve fried dough. Hopefully Jarrod is laughing now.