Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sick Day

He could have probably gone to school.
Just a cough.
But his big brothers insisted he stay home.
"He's only in kindergarten, Mom!"
He really must not be feeling well.
He wanted to iron shirts.
Just what I'd do if I was sick.


Smilin' sunshine said...

Man, he can have a sick day at my house anytime!!!

Becky said...

Funny! I'm sure Miller was happy to have a playmate.'s ONLY kindergarten. ;)

LL said...

Well well well...I think I'd rather go to school than iron. And I do not enjoy school.
(THAT is how I feel about ironing)
What a good boy!!!

CubSctAnn said...

I'm with S'S! :)

NeeNee said...

Hope your feeling better Sawyer. Maybe this weekend you will surprise your mom by having all of the laundry done. :)
Good to see you helping mom out.