Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Boys

The weather outside is frightfully cold.
Boys have been home from school for three days and counting.
And I'm missing my babies!
Anyone want to play?
cutie #1, often thought to be wearing a toupee
cutie #2, baby bambino
cutie #3, where's his hair?

cutie #4, very serious

cutie #5, spit up everywhere because he loved to eat and eat

cutie #6, already wondering how the camera works


LL said...

those pictures make me happy. Nothing is as sweet as a baby boy!
I'm going to say #6 is for sure Tanner. And I think #1 is Cooper.
Is Hunter #3? Sawyer #5? #2 is your youngest Miller? How am I doin so far? :)

Becky said...



LL said...

SHOW OFF! becky :)

Duncan Chaos said...

We are up to playing anytime. Although all I have to offer is a bunch of girls and one boy!

Bachland :) said...

Sis. B. and I are going to have fun with these little guys. Great photo's.

CubSctAnn said...

That's EASY, good thing they are all unique and happy babies!

1# Sawyer ~ no toupee 4 that head!
2# Hunter ~ fun & funny bambino!
3# Miller 1st time seeing this pic!
4# Porter ~ someone has 2B serious
5# Cooper ~ still spits up :P
6# Tanner the great photographer!

Too bad these blogs don't allow a follow-up picture, I have a doozie which could've been added!