Friday, January 22, 2010

Cooper's Copper

(Jarrod might be warming up to the critter just a tad!)
I've noticed a few things about the hamster.
He needs to have his cage changed frequently!

He looks like Cooper.

And, he knows how to store food.
See those cheeks? They're packed.


LL said...

have I told you that my son is begging for a hampster. I'm not thrilled with the idea~what do you suggest? Your Cooper is so cute!

Jenny said...

They are both pretty cute.
How often is often?
Do they stink?
I have a hamster-beggar here, too.
I'm wondering if the cats would make short work of it...

Jo Jo said...

I've thoroughly enjoyed the little critter! We keep him in the upstairs bathroom because we have a huge counter, and we need to keep the doors shut because of the dog. Not that he is a threat, we just don't know. Sometimes he'll go in there and bark and bark, but not go near it. Like he's playing. It also helps on the nocturnal wheel running sounds! You get use to it, but right when you're trying to fall asleep he's waking up and going full speed. There are great options to keep the smell down until it can be cleaned. The pellets work fantastically! We were close to two weeks, and still not smeling, just knowing it needed to be clean. Cardboard pellets/fluff doesn't work as well, but it is far superior to sawdust stuff. They enjoy being held, it's actually recommended so they get use to your smell. We opted for the cute tunnel cage, a little pricey, but really easy to lock the hamster up in different portions and clean them bit by bit.

Duncan Chaos said...

Cute, but don't give The Boy any ideas!!!

Becky said...

I'm a hampster serial killer. I'm not allowed to have those anymore.

NeeNee said...

Good to see Cooper (and Jarrod) taking care of the little guy. It's a big responsibility. Both Cooper and Copper are adorable.