Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Porter's Science Project

Science fair projects again! Not my favorite time of the year, but it's always interesting to learn something new. This year Porter wanted to use litmus paper, so he chose to determine which drinks were the closest in pH to the pH of our body.

Pure water is about 7.5 (I'm doing this from memory!). Our filtered water came in at 7, tape water 6, organic milk 6.5. Now it gets interesting. Sports drinks had an average of 3. That's getting really acidic!

We came upon an interesting article:
"The pH of your tissues and body fluids affects the state of your health or inner cleanliness or filth. The closer the pH is to 7.35 - 7.45, the higher you’re level of health and well being and your ability to resist states of disease and the onset of symptomologies.
The pH scale is like a thermometer showing increases and decreases in the acid and alkaline content of these fluids. Deviations above or below a 7.35 -7.45 pH range in the blood can signal potentially serious and dangerous symptoms or states of disease. When the body can no longer effectively neutralize and eliminate the acids it relocates them within the body’s extra-cellular fluids and connective tissue cells directly compromising cellular integrity."

Hats off to water!


Joy said...

Love the project. We just might need to borrow that idea sometime. Love the info too about PH levels. Here's to "water"

Jenny said...

EIGHT glasses a day!
(I'm trying)
Wow. That's great information.
I'm not much of a "drink" advocate anyway; and now your other post has me paranoid about milk...
You always have the BEST science experiments!

Aaron H. said...

Nice project - interesting facts! Go science!

Dana said...

I love my water! It's the first thing I think of to drink. It helps that our bodies are mostly made up of it too! That's a great idea for a science project!

shirlgirl said...

I drink lots of water and little or no carbonated beverages. It's filling for one thing and keeps the joints moving!! And at this age, I need all my joints to move as well as possible! (Smile)

LL said...

SUCH a great idea for a project!
I am not good about water drinking...this was a needed reminder. THANK YOU!
I hope he gets a good grade. A+.

Duncan Chaos said...

yes, it is better for ya----and cheaper!

Becky said...

Great info. Amen to the water! It's my friend. :)