Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Words for the Wingmen

Dear Family,

Forgive me if I repeat any details from last week's letter. Everything's a blur and on repeat, namely blurry driving in the snow and snowstorms on repeat. This weekend the precipitation finally let up but it's still chilly (19) outside so both of you be sure and enjoy your summer season.

I started up classes this week and AnneMarie patiently chauffeured me to and from campus everyday. While I cooked the books, she cleaned and unpacked and got back on the job hunt. She received some disappointing news that the center with whom she had scheduled an interview had  been forced to fill the position early and hadn't let her  know. They'll be hiring again in March though, and she applied for two positions with a non-profit company that works with refugees. I'm sure she'd appreciate your prayers on her behalf as she tries to find the right place to work.

Between trying to muster some/any help from the ward to help us move and battling sleet storms pretty much all of our stuff stayed in storage this week meaning more air mattress adventures, the kind where you pump it up at night and then slowly sink during the night as it deflates. On the plus side, is kind of a foolproof alarm clock!

The highlights of this week were undoubtedly all on the weekend. Last night we had a game night with my freshman roommates Jared and Jeremy and their wives as well as a few others. The conversation was enjoyable, the bundt cakes delicious, and we played several rousing  rounds of the resistance and reverse charades, both new games for me. Amazing that it's been five years since we all meet at heritage halls. Tonight we enjoyed dessert at the home of the first counselor in the bishopric and afterwards a game night with all the younger couples in the ward. If you haven't played the game Speak Out yet then rush to the nearest store and grab it. It involves sticking one of those orthodontic lip spreaders in your mouth and then trying to read nonsensical sentences to your team who must decipher the exact words your trying to say. Hilarity ensues. drool runs out  off your mouth and tears out off your eyes. We're really enjoying our ward thus far and maybe got some hints as to what our callings will be, stay tuned...

AnneMarie's back in her happy place at Pilates class three times a week.  I'm at my happy place in my senior capstone course on devotional poetry (taught by the poet laureate of Utah). Both of us and Porter are all concurrently taking the churches new course on the foundations of the restoration, which so far  is fantastic four all of us. Porter got to experience Donut Day, which is when tanner randomly decides to bestow donuts on those who take a class with him. It comes around once or twice a month as any of my friends will tell you. I'm thrilled that big P had also agreed to be my lifting  buddy as I attempt to regain loss mass and develop surprisingly large biceps in hunters absence, as he did in mine. Stay tuned... :)

Tomorrow there's no school.

However, my air mattress alarm clock is already set.

We love you all very very much,

Tanner & AnneMarie

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