Sunday, January 29, 2017

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

I was playing the organ in church today, and Breyer sat in the choir seats near me. While playing the sacrament hymn, I Stand All Amazed, I realized I was hearing her sing during the chorus: Oh, it is wonderful, wonderful to me. What a sweet thing to hear, while she was coloring a picture. It was wonderful, wonderful to me.

I hope your week has been wonderful. Porter spoke in church today on hope. He told me he had three main points: Being hopeful (Dad's conversion story), having hope (Grampy's cancer), and providing hope (your mission). It sounded wonderful. He also threw in a Bob Hope joke, and got a laugh or two.

Speaking of laughs:

Isn't this a funny picture? Grampy's game face when the New England Patriots are playing, one of this year's Superbowl contenders, as well as the Atlanta Falcons. He had some good news this week with the PET scan showing minimal cancer flares. Your grandmother and I spoke together about how you and three other grandchildren are faithfully serving, and from your sacrifice the blessings that your grandfather has received.

 In the news as well, the Rudy character in real life was baptized. "Thousands know the story of Daniel Eugene "Rudy" Ruettiger from the classic Hollywood movie Rudy..."

Your cousin Kevin is doing well in Minnesota and the Hmong population. Here he's wearing Hmong jewelry:

Sawyer had his last basketball game of the season, which they one, leaving them undefeated and in first place for the district. And it was a great game to cap off the year. He was in his second week of ankle recovery, and mentioned he hadn't been starting all week in practice. And he didn't start the game. But Aledo had a 6 foot something, who was two years older after being held back two years, and put up a quick eight points on underneath the basket shots or rebounds. Sawyer came in, and shut him down. Not one more point off the giant unless Sawyer was out. He did great. Their offense doesn't give him the ball enough, especially for someone with 380 out of 400 free throws on record, a contest from practice he won.But he had a dish off under the basket and a follow up foul that was clutch, and bumped them ahead four points with seconds left, that clutched the victory. The head coach from the high school, that coached Porter, was there to see up and coming talent, and cheered your brother on, knowing he was a Schenewark. I've thoroughly enjoyed his Thursday evening games.

Miller and Breyer have one week left in their season. Miller's game this week had him with 10 out of their 20 points. He is very quick, and makes amazing left handed lay ups. I'll hopefully get some video of his last game for you.

Dad went to Breyer's game, as I was getting dinner ready for the missionaries. It's our weekly Saturday tradition to feed them, sometimes they bring an investigator; they love to talk to your Dad about people they're working with on a weekly basis.

He dropped me off at the first of Cooper's spring tennis matches, here in town, but I missed all four of his. He won three out of four, but it wasn't enough for the win. I hope to have video of him at the net this season.

Cooper and Breyer have a weekly tradition of a tractor ride, under guise of picking up loose rocks in the yard. They put them in the bucket, haul them out front, and dump them in the ditch to help with rain erosion. She loves it.

Breyer also loves the school nurse. Her second wiggly tooth was bothering her at school so she went to the nurse who, "grabbed a tissue, used all her muscles, and yanked my tooth out." She's decided she's not leaving her teeth for the tooth fairy, as she doesn't need any more books, and wants to be the first in the family to have a tooth collection. She's at two, with a third very close.

Breyer banged her foot on a wood chair, was a little dramatic, and the next thing I know your brothers have her convinced she's sprained her foot, like Sawyer, needs to stop walking on it, and propped her up in a chair. Mostly it was to get her out of the way, but they enjoyed pampering her for a moment, and she loved the attention. So it goes.

I went down to Stephenville with Dad on Friday to help decorate his office. He moved into a new one in August, with a window, and he's been waiting for me to hang his pictures.

Dad took Sawyer and Cooper on an overnight camp out. They had a huge capture-the-flag game, and their usual rootbeer-hot dog party. Dad took the lazy way out and put a foam mattress in the van to sleep on, instead of setting up our huge tent. Sawyer used a bench seat, but Cooper slept on his cot out by the fire. And their tradition now is to stop for brisket on the way home.

Sawyer spent some time with his metal detector this week and was thrilled to find a nickel. He's funny. He found a few bottle caps, mostly beer, but was thrilled about his five cents.

Tanner wrote about looking through pictures this week,"Feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for this beautiful eternal companion of mine. Next week marks two years since our first date--two years since I looked into her eyes over the top of an ice cream cone and asked AnneMarie what was on her bucket list. We've managed to check a couple of those things off since then, but if I've learned one thing during our adventures this far it's that I'll never get enough of this sweet, sweet girl."

One of your friends contacted me tonight, asking to be my friend. When I accepted, I saw he had posted this picture, but when I went back he had already unfriended me. I think it was the man in the suit, but perhaps your letter will tell us what happened.

On a whim we went and looked at German Shepherd puppies. I know, right? They were adorable. Four males were left, nine weeks old. Just saying. We all have a bad case of want-i-tis. We'll see.

That's about the news of the week. Know of our love for you, and of our pride.



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Bachland :) said...

What a fun week! The nickel is a treasure for sure, Scout Campouts and basketball. Sis. B. and I are missing all Y'all, she keep telling me how much she misses you.