Sunday, January 22, 2017

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

How are you! Well, I hope. My thoughts have drifted your way over the week, several times. Once, because I walked by the life-size Hunter in my living room; another, because I was making apple pie. Again, because I saw your picture on my kitchen wall, playing golf and last, your picture of you with Ranger. It's nice to have these moments of reflection of love, even a little missing is involved as well.

I had an interview last week with the Fort Worth Police Department. I was offered the chance for employment, and after spending hours filling out their paperwork, couldn't turn it in. I'd miss five out of seven dinners, and tucking children into bed. This is why I left Dallas Sheriff's Office. So now I'm home being domesticated again. Tuesday I did wash, and cleaned. Wednesday I cooked. And cooked. minestrone soup to die for; shepherd's pie; cranberry sauce and stuffing. And banana chocolate chip muffins with chocolate chips. Thursday I picked up, organized, vacuumed, and Friday it was the bathrooms. Such fun!

The big national news this week was the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang, the Piano Guys played, and the local schools broadcast it all throughout the classrooms. Your little sister came home that day letting me know she saw the new President, Donald Dump.

And, the Patriots are headed to the Super Bowl.

Breyer also answered the phone one day on speaker phone and the male caller wanted to talk with her father. When she told him he wasn't home, he asked her if she was in charge of the property. Her answer? "I'm only five. Bye."

Your sister had a basketball game Saturday morning. She's still skipping down the court, pausing to check out sock colors and hair bows, but plays a mean defense that is successful enough that their shot is not made when she's in the game.

Sawyer's ankle was well enough to play Thursday evening. He didn't play as much as usual, or do as well, but well enough to contribute to their squeaky win. He's graduated from the crutches and the ankle boot to the ankle wrap only when he's playing ball.

Sawyer came home from school one day this week and popped his bicep in my face. "Mom, my bicep is 13 inches, and I have a 32 inch waist!" It's a corker. It pops up big time. Enough to take a picture of it for you.

Sawyer has enjoyed using your father's new metal detector. He goes out almost as much as he went fishing. To date, nothing of import has been found, a few old nails, and a Red Bull can. But he did find out according to one internet opinion that in the state of Texas, Granbury is the third best place to use it! Bro. Bach has been using his at 91 Brigham St. attempting to locate lost  Grampy's wedding ring.

Dad, Miller and Sawyer spent Saturday morning at the local dutch oven cooking group, a requirement for Miller's Cub Scouts. It's amusing to think people made a group, and that people want to join the group, and actually meet once a month to sample each other's dutch oven cooking. And since the cooking standards weren't quite up to par, a stop for a hamburger was necessary to finish their noon meal.

Those are the tidbits from the last few days. We're looking forward to your letter. Any pictures?

Know of our love for you. Be safe, work hard.



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Bachland :) said...

What a wonderful letter! So much going on and all of it fun. Glad the metal detector is getting a good workout. I hope one of these days to find at least a penny.