Sunday, January 8, 2017

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

We purchased glass table tops to protect our two tables. We consider it an investment on our investment. The glass isn't that much, they wanted to tack on $125 for delivery and installation. Obviously  not much installation involved, but delivery could be tricky. We opted to use the Beast of a Van to handle the pick up and delivery ourselves.

Tanner, AnneMarie and Porter called on their way back to Utah, having had to leave Vegas two days later than expected due to the snowy conditions. Utah received so much snow in the storm, they had already reached the normal snow accumulation for the entire month of January. We were worried about their driving in those conditions. They, as yourself, are investments. Some of our best. And the dividends are priceless. Take care of yourself.

It also snowed here. Unbelievable. Twitter was a buzz with all the tweets about the snow flakes coming down in the Dallas metroplex. Nothing stuck, eventually a little sun was peeking through the clouds, and then it was just cold. But for this Bostonian, it was nice to see snow in January.

Miller keeps trying his fire making skills, and although so far unsuccessful, we are able to always throw on the four hour log when he's done trying.

I don't know whether or not news had reached you down in South America, but Coach LaVell Edwards passed away the 29th of December. Because your Uncle played for BYU, he was invited to attend his funeral. He flew out Thursday evening, and returns tonight. "The stadium lights shone through the night after BYU lost the first of two national-championship-winning coaches. As 2016 concluded, LaVell Edwards passed away (Dec. 29) and then Carl McGown (Dec. 30). A public memorial is Friday evening. Former BYU volleyball coach Carl McGown's team won the first of two national championships in 1999. 

One last time under the lights to honor a great man.
 R.I.P. Coach Edwards.

Your cousin Sarah is now back at BYU I, courtesy Aunt Jenny and her driving skills during Utah's snowstorm of the century.

In the words of Aunt Jenny, "Happy Birthday to the Queen of Everything! 👑 She is a living legacy--her sphere of influence is worldwide. There's always room for one more at her hearth and in her home. She does her best work when her hands are in the dirt, using needle and thread or serving a meal. She's an inspiration." Your grandmother celebrated her 77th birthday today. There are not enough words for me to describe how I feel about her, but my cup runneth over.

The Bachs left Wednesday for the airport, with three additional hitch hikers. Tanner, AnneMarie and Porter all left from the same airline as they, and an hour apart. Very nice. Wednesday morning was also the first day of school for the four remaining at home. By the time 8 a.m. rolled around, and it was just your father and I in the house, I was ready for a nap. But the house needed and still needs a lot of attention. Our new washing machine arrived Thursday, so the bedding's been changed. I took a picture of the shelves that were put up over the Christmas break, in my washroom. How wonderful to have help with my desires of getting that room more organized. So helpful.

The tractor was finished. I did not believe this would happen. Bro. Bach and Cooper worked tirelessly...fixing the engine, changing the belts, fixing the mower attachment...and it works! Monday night was the finale when Cooper drove us around the yard in the bucket attachment for our family home evening activity. There are pictures somewhere!

Sawyer had a home game this week,so fun to watch. He had three great spin moves under the net; a lot of turnovers, a few free throws...definitely a key contributor to their win, and their 6-1 record.

Miller had a basketball game after almost three weeks of no basketball activities. He was rusty, but so were all the other boys who had also enjoyed their Christmas break. Breyer had a bye this week.

Today in church a young mother was trying to bear her testimony, and the child she was carrying was unmercifully attempting to grab a hold of the microphone. And she was emotional. Your father stood up and took the baby boy from her arms, and sat back down. She was grateful. Those of us in the audience were grateful, and the baby boy was content. Your brothers were speechless, and after the shock wore off, of seeing another child in your father's arms, they were digging for a camera.\

I was contemplating on wonderful service oriented organizations, clubs, churches, individuals, and what makes the service we perform, especially as missionaries, different. Many, many others are involved in ministering, wonderful ministers of the pure love of Christ. But because our service is organized under the Priesthood, we are allowed the opportunity to receive revelation, and have access to Priesthood power. These tools make us different, and essentially, very effective, as service rendered in such a manner has the power to alter a course of life. And such change is rippled through the eternities. You're ripples are felt,and will continue to be felt; you make a difference. Feel loved.


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shirlgirl said...

Great letter, Amy Jo. I'm sure you are thrilled to have your new washing machine. Love your new shelves, too.