Sunday, January 15, 2017

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

How are you? Every day Breyer and I commiserate in how much we miss you. Truly. We have begun our elaborate plans for your homecoming, involving lots of tea parties. She also said you were the best tickler out of all her brothers, and I understood her to mean the most gentlest.

Breyer is now a maker of grilled cheese sandwiches. She worked hard listening and learning, and makes a very yummy version. She's excited to cook for you. Today we worked on pancakes. Your father has been checking with other men with daughters to see if they have "sensitivity" issues. They've all assured him irritation from shirt tags, frustration over sock seams, and emotional outbursts over itchy dress seams are perfectly normal. Your father is now wondering whether or not joining a fathers of daughters support group is in his future.

Porter began school last week and we haven't heard of too many adventures thus far, but it's good to know he loves where he's at. His boss, and your former, called here looking for him. She had the wrong number. She is excited you're finished in August, and couldn't believe two years were almost done.

Cooper paid a few bucks for a mini camera and goggles he plans on attaching to one of his planes. In the meantime, he walks around with the camera, and causes his partner in crime wearing the goggles, to laugh. Toilet bowl flushes, mouth shots...all kinds of humor over here.

Your father returns to teaching this week. We've enjoyed our time together during the day. I had a dental cleaning appointment, and he came to provide moral support, which was very much needed when the longevity of my back molar was questioned. He came the next day when I had a small cavity to be filled, again, for support. He's very sweet.

We were able to go to Sawyer's basketball game together. We were suppose to go out to eat beforehand, but a job interview took longer than we thought. We enjoyed heckling from the stands until Sawyer was injured. He landed on the side of his ankle, instead of the bottom of his foot,and was down for the count. It's always upsetting to see your child hurting, but as fate would allow an orthopedic surgeon was in the stands and provided a lot of comfort. He also allowed us to follow him home, whereon he gave Sawyer an ankle boot and a pair of crutches. The following morning an appointment with said doctor confirmed it was just a bad sprain. The only games his team has lost this year have been the two games Sawyer was not in. And he's recovering quickly.

Last week, when Uncle Aaron was in Utah

Your cousin Kaleb was transferred to his fourth area - Juneau, Alaska. He will continue as Zone Leader. He says he won't miss the darkness or cold of Barrow but he sure did fall in love with the people there. On to new adventures. ❤ I love the new Gordon B. Hinckley book,this year's study. I miss him. I could read him all day, and did fairly well summing up the lesson for today, just for you ;-) "Hold high the standard under which we walk. Be diligent, be true, be virtuous,be faithful...This is a season to be strong. It is a time to move forward without hesitation, knowing well the meaning, the breadth and the importance of our mission...You cannot simply take for granted this cause, which is the cause of Christ. You cannot simply stand on the sidelines and watch the play between the forces of good and evil...Let us, each one, resolve within himself that we will add to the luster of this magnificent work of the Almighty, that it may shine across the earth as a beacon of strength and goodness for all the world to look upon." You missionaries are beacons that shine across the earth. You are full of goodness and light, even visible in Kaleb in the dark and cold of Barrow. Be good. Lift your bushel. Go to work.



P.S.. Our good neighbor in Proctorville, Jean Crowder, passed away suddenly last week. She had left me a sweet message on Facebook the 31st in regards to a picture I was tagged in, regarding you, and our Christmas card.
P.P.S. Has your box arrived?

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Wholly Duncan said...

Haha, I had to laugh at the daughters support group. I've needed that for years! So funny, we sure miss you guys.