Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Words for the Wingmen

Dear Family,

Hard to beat Skype with a simple letter! We were so happy to see your face and talk with you. We can tell you're doing wonderful things. Remember, you are in our prayers and our thoughts. We had fun talking about Hunter as we watched family videos last week.. You were cute and shy back then and loved hanging onto mom’s arm.

We're back in Provo, well, Orem actually, and we're loving our new apartment. It's a three bedroom, one bathroom basement setup with a nice dining area and our very own washer and dryer. Still no furniture but Matt and Joanna were kind enough to lend us two twin air mattresses.

Funny story though. We spent Friday night just on the floor (not much sleep there), and the heater stopped working in the middle of the night…yesterday we got the air mattresses but one had a hole so we spent the night, still furnace-less, sharing a twin sized air mattress, which is really half a twin when you account for the sides losing air in the night. Good times and so many laughs:) but today we've got our heat back and patched the other mattress with some duck tape and we're living large!

In other young married life news, we drove up from Vegas with all our stuff and Porter on Friday. We were going to come up Thursday but called it off due to a large storm passing through Utah and that ended up being an inspired call. Roads were clear for us and the sun was shining all day, but we witnessed many accidents from the day before, lots of cars off the roads and the such. We were riding low too, a couple inches off the ground but we made it. Porter and AnneMarie were good sports packing into small spaces with bags on top of them. Hopefully that'll be the last trip we'll ever make like that!

We so enjoyed our time in Texas and Las Vegas with family over break! Golfing, fishing, the nutcracker, hikes, games, and lot of good food. It was truly a Christmas and New Years to remember made sweeter by getting to see our cousins in Tyler, our nieces and nephews in Vegas, and spending lots of time with the Bach's. Tonight we even enjoyed a surprise visit with funcle Aaron who came out for coach Edwards funeral. We had fun playing games with him  and then driving him back to the airport. We feel deeply blessed and deeply loved.

Tomorrow is the beginning of my last semester at BYU. I'm excited but also ready to move into the workforce and bring home the bacon. My classes are business heavy this time around but I have a senior capstone class on devotional poetry taught by Utah’s poet laureate that should be epic!

Today we also attended our new ward and we love it. The fast and testimony meeting was spiritually rewarding as were the classes and each person we met left a great impression. We're excited to see where we'll serve. Plus, Elders Quorum basketball starts Tuesday and AnneMarie tells me the Relief Society does hot chocolate nights. Booyah!

All right, that's the quick version cause this kids got class tomorrow! Love you all dearly,

Tanner and AnneMarie

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