Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Words from the Wise One

Dear Hunter,

This week was AnneMarie's Spring Break, but, being that she married me, who is wont to have one, she contented herself with mini-spring breaks while working hard at the UVU bookstore and putting her Senior portfolio together. We took a hike down rock canyon on Friday afternoon, enjoying the sunshine, the rocks and breeze.

Today we had an idyllic Sunday lunch picnic after we participated in the dedication of the new Provo City Center Temple. Only afterwards did we discover that today is the first day of Spring. We're just one with the seasons you could say!

You could also say that basketball season has sprung. Not only is yours truly widening his lead in the family tournament, but AnneMarie, in her first year of entering, is sitting at a very respectable 3rd, with the very real chance of winning the entire big dance. But wait. That's not all. BYU basketball, who failed to make the NCAA tournament and received a 2 seed in the NIT tournament, is hanging around in a big way. They won their first two games, womping on UAB (with the Fairland Dragon mascot) and just edging out a very good Virginia Tech team. Both games were here, so I worked them, and they play Creighton here on Tuesday--who will be a tough match-up--before the finals are held in New York City. Really, the most important lesson you need to take out of this is that it's a blessing to have married a girl so sweet that when you've got a touch of the March Fever she still loves you and smiles at your constant basketball updates. :)

Last night we participated in a surprise birthday party for one of our friends in the ward, my home teaching companion (AnneMarie visit teaches his wife), who also happens to be Brasilian. Much Brasilian food--pão de queijo, guarana, bolo de paçoca e brigadeiro--followed, and we played a new, very fun game called Village Wolves, a new take on the classic Mafia game. Both times we played newbies AnneMarie and myself made it to the end of the game alive, though in one game AnneMarie won by deciding to do away with me with her other werewolf henchmen. Grrrrr....But fun times and too much sugar.

Big news: All my application materials for interning with the Scottish Parliament have been submitted and I'm just awaiting the green light from can look forward to some exciting letters in the Fall.

The temple dedication today was presided over by Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard was there as well. It was a spiritual feast that highlighted not only the essential nature of the temple but also of the Holy Ghost, families, and the Atonement. One of my favorite thoughts was from Elder Larry Y. Wilson of the Seventy, who spoke as well. He told a poignant pioneer story, but that's not why it struck me. After finishing that story he said that our times are no less challenging if not more difficult, something we hear often enough, perhaps. But why are our lives just as challenging as theirs? Elder Wilson noted that, in fact, it is because the challenge is the same: to become holy. I thought that was a brilliant insight. THAT is our challenge, now or 100 hundred years ago.

Love & Springtime,

Tanner & AnneMarie

p.s. I forgot to mention this, but I was blessed to be the recipient of an English department scholarship so this Tuesday AnneMarie and I went to a fancy schmancy banquet and had fun:)

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