Friday, March 18, 2016

An Airport Analogy

Dear Elder Schenewark,

Just a quick note. We, Breyer and I, traveled to Boston for Tina's wedding. What an adventure! Dad dropped us off at the Dallas Airport, in front of Jet Blue. I didn't know he stayed a moment, watching us, but upon entering the door, we had to maneuver an escalator. He was watching. We each had two bags, one each on wheels. I took the little purse she was carrying her, and instructed her to step over the crack and hold still. She did just that, but then panicked, and fell backwards onto her bottom Realizing she was still going backwards, she started doing the crab walk at the bottom of the elevator, backwards into the jaws of death. Not a fun moment, mother or not.

I took all her baggage from her, and plopped her onto the stairs, all by herself, and then followed behind her as quickly as I could, while the line formed behind me. There's an analogy or two in there some where I know you would appreciate, but the bottom line was carrying all the baggage, I was not in a position to help her. You're in Brazil, teaching those with whom you come in contact with, to give their baggage of misperceptions, misunderstandings, lack of knowledge or faith or trust, to the supreme baggage handler of all, our Savior, and their journey would be so much easier, as well as put them on the correct path. In Breyer's case, she made it to the top safely, and had to maneuver the "jump" at the top by herself. We encountered another escalator when we arrived in Boston and again, the only way she could step onto the escalator, was free of her baggage, leaving me still unable to help her because of my burdens.

I hope you're having a wonderful week, that you'll find love in my message for you.




laura.lewis95 said...

Your thoughts and letters to your missionary are so sweet!
I love the messages you share with him (thanks for sharing with us too)
And I'm so glad no one has shared the flu with me!

shirlgirl said...

Wonderful letter. You never told me the story about the escalators. Too bad someone didn't help you with your luggage so you had a free hand to help Breyer. Chivalry must be dead these days.