Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Words from the Wise One


This week was  National Pancake Day on Tuesday so we hopped over to iHop with AnneMarie's sisters and...I got french toast, but that's close enough to pancakes right?) The highlight of the week though came on Wednesday when I had the privilege to pick up Stephen Welch from the SLC airport and drop him off at the MTC. I hadn't seen him since the end of our Freshman year and it was a sweet reunion. We grabbed the obligatory pre-MTC/last American lunch at In-n-Out (he's headed to Mexico and this could be the last burger in awhile!), talked a bit about mission's, caught up, drove by the new Provo temple and then made our way to the MTC. These things are tearjerkers of the worst kind, by the way. I've now dropped two people off at the MTC and each time is tough! Especially when they get to go preach the gospel for two years and you have to race off to Accounting class. Enjoy your time as a servant of the Lord!

In a note from Stephen, he wrote: First of all, there were really great people on the plane helping me and talking to me. it was good. It was also incredible to be able to spend time with my good friend, Tanner Schenewark, before I reported. It felt a lot like when Alma met the sons of Mosiah. Except neither of us passed out (I think he was close, though). We got some In-N-Out Burgers and shakes, looked at the Provo City Center Temple, and took a picture in front of the Provo Temple. It was sooo great to see him, feel his spirit, and share how we have both grown. He is awesome! We ended up getting me checked in late, but I wouldn't have it any other way. It was very special to me.

This weekend we relaxed together, homeworked together, and ran 3 miles together (feeling the burn of my calves today!). AnneMarie's mom likes to say we're still on our honeymoon. We are. But its the sweetness of the gospel, together with our love for each other that permeates our days and projects happiness onto our daily routines.

Tonight we had a great time playing games and eating treats with a few other couples in our ward. We've tried to take advantage of the blessings and lessons of where we are now knowing that new ones will come along with their own lessons and challenges. That's a good principle for your mission. Focus hard on doing what the Lord needs you to do where you are now. He'll decide when it's time for you to move on.

All our Love,

Tanner and the Adorable AnneMarie


Bachland :) said...

AnneMarie's mom likes to say we're still on our honeymoon.

In 20 years have her be able to say the exact same thing!

AnneMarie Pace Schenewark said...

That's our goal 😉