Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Blecky Bug

(Melissa Evans' Tummy Bug is perfect!)

Dear Elder Schenewark,

What a weekend! We came here for a wedding, and are leaving weaker. Not all those bearing gifts were wanted. The dreaded stomach bug hit the whole house. One evening we're out partying, and the next morning we're moaning. Fighting over the bathroom. And blankets. And bowls. The three "B" words needed for this blecky bug. We initially thought  it must be food poisoning from the caterer, then the germ from the piano teacher. But now we're thinking it's the one that traveled from New Hampshire. We heard it was up there last week.

So the blecky Becky bug visited wedding number two. The first was Uncle Ben's in San Diego. Even the groom went unscathed, on his wedding night, as well as all fourteen who were traveling. And then to their families when they returned. This wedding wasn't as far flung, but the fifty or so visiting last night hopefully will escape blecky bug free

Your sister began on the way back from Aunt Shirley's home. We drove her home after the wedding reception, and had a girls' sleepover. Such a treat. She gave us her bed, a ten in comfort and warmth, and spent the night on a cot It wasn't a good night for her, but we slept great. Breyer went to bed whiny, and woke up whiny, but I thought it was just from her being out of sorts with traveling, late nights, and new beds. So I force fed her a delicious blueberry pancake that your great aunt made for me. With pure maple syrup, and preservative free bacon. Another ten. For the food. I couldn't understand why she didn't want to eat.

I found out on the drive home when she filled Aunt Shirley's trash bin. And then found out more when I found the  whole house down and out. You know me, I don't get tummy bugs. I just get a sour stomach, a little headache, and I'm done. So I spent the day emptying Breyer's bowl, covering Ben with blankets, helping Grampy with chicken broth and his medicine, and even made a store run for Popsicles and Gatorade. Your grandmother's favorite is orange. Couldn't do much more than that, but it was enough.

So glad you're in Brazil.

So glad this doesn't last long.

So glad I don't leave for two more days.




Bachland :) said...

We feel so left out of the New England style "Potty"! No impact over in the land of the duck's on Mallard Circle.

It sounds like you just really know how to throw a potty over on Brigham St.

shirlgirl said...

So sorry everyone was so sick. I've escaped, so I am golden. Hope your trip home was uneventful. So fun having you here and sorry Breyer was feeling out of sorts. Love you.