Friday, March 11, 2016

The Baseball Boy


All you need to know this week is that I caught a ball at the ballgame. That's right. We went to a BYU game on Thursday, were unable to get a pair of ROC passes and so shelled out the dough for some reserved seats on the fourth row, just left of home plate. Well, about the 4th or 5th inning one of the BYU players fouled one straight up, I mean up up and away up high! It went so high that it disappeared into the dark night sky and then picked up speed on its way down. I thought it was going to be to far to the right but had my glove ready anyway as it started to spin back towards me. I caught it just over the head of three septuagenarians, one who proclaimed gratefully, "You saved my life!" Got a standing O from the crowd, and was recommended for immediate transfer to the big leagues:) Cougs won handily 14-1 and improved to 15-1 on the season, their best start in the history of the program.

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