Sunday, March 27, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

How are you? Your last letter left me hanging a bit. I felt like you were withholding something from your mother. Hmm?

Did you know Easter is your grandmother's favorite holiday? And we had the weather today to make me understand why. Sunny, spring breeze, blue clouds, and lots of wildflowers blooming.

I found some items in the news that are newsworthy, one even a little funny. Remember this? "Clark's Trading Post: Lincoln, NH, Tourist Attraction Seeks to Hire New 'Wolfman.' The theme park, which features trained bear shows, a circus and a steam train, is hiring a "Wolfman." Auditions are being held. The job calls for an "unkempt" and "outgoing" person."

Have you heard about the bomb in Brussels? And the four missionaries who were injured? Fox News interviewed one, Elder Wells, who said, "If I if I can feel the love of God lying on a sidewalk outside an airport destroyed by bombs I know everybody can feel His love. He truly answers prayers and I can feel the strength and love from everyone praying for us in these circumstances." The message of Easter is that He lives, and this sweet elder reminded us all of this.

I thought this was interesting, that: "Filming For Marathon Bombing Movie Stirs Emotions In Boston - Patriots Day begins filming in Boston on Tuesday. The movie has already stirred emotions, as some don't want the deadly drama playing out again in their backyards."

More from where you are? "(CNN) — Two members of the “Sesame Street” Muppets are the newest celebrities to join the campaign against the Zika virus. Elmo and his aqua green-skinned friend Raya will now be spreading the word to children and families about the mosquito-borne disease plaguing the Caribbean and Central and South America, and linked to serious birth defects."

Last, "On Holy Thursday, the pontiff washed and kissed the feet of Muslim, Christian and Hindu refugees at a center for asylum seekers just outside Rome. The event is portrayed as a gesture of humility, recalling the time Jesus washed the feet of his apostles. Previous popes have washed the feet of 12 Catholic men, often priests — but Pope Francis has shocked traditionalists by including women and people of other faiths in the ritual."

The boys had a few baseball practices, and Porter had his first track meet this week. He's still waiting for his new poles. Cooper won his first first place medal.

Dad is doing so well as Bishop. I'm so proud of him and his eclectic group he works with. They're fun to watch together, and have fun together.

We had the missionaries over for dinner. They invited a family of four to come with them so we put the tables together, and had a big Easter dinner. The elders wanted ham. So they also got homemade rolls. And chocolate camping cake with vanilla ice cream. And more. Except the family didn't come. They had car problems, and probably felt awkward. We'll try again this Sunday. Those boys call me Mama Schenewark. I love working with them.

Your sister loves Easter eggs. She's played with them all week. She talks to them, hides her favorite toys in them, carries them around like a mother hen., and of course loves it when they're full of candy. She went to the Primary Easter egg hunt with your father, who had to speak about the reason for the season. Sawyer and Miller went as well and came home winners of the three legged race carrying new stuffed animals.

I watched the General Women's Broadcast last night. The words aren't online yet, but there was a unifying theme for the evening: service. The choir was made up of women and girls from over 50 different countries; they mentioned the 60 million displaced refugees, half of which are children. The speakers all talked about love through service. If we could see into other people's hearts, would we serve them differently? We need to make space for others in our heart. Extraordinary service is wonderful but ordinary service is needed, and becomes extraordinary. And President Eyring, when you go to serve, you're never alone. "It is our hope that you will prayerfully determine what you can do — according to your own time and circumstance — to serve the refugees living in your neighborhoods and communities."

I know you're looking forward to General Conference. I know I like watching, knowing you're doing the same thing as me at the same time.

Love so much,



Bachland :) said...

Do Sis. B. and I get wonderful weekly letters like this when we go on a Mission? If so we might be turning in papers tomorrow!

shirlgirl said...

Your letters are always so awesome. Love how you write.