Thursday, March 10, 2016

Words from the Wise One

Dear Hunter-Bunter,

I hope that this week has gone as well as last. I was thrilled to read of Willian's baptism. Help him to stay strong and move towards receiving the priesthood. I was just as glad to see that you are learning some of what I think are the key lessons of being on a mission: it's not us as missionaries, per se, we are, as the scriptures say, vessels, and as long as we are pure vessels than the message we bear to all we come in contact with will find those the Lord has prepared.

We've had a fun, fast-paced two weeks since I wrote you last. Last weekend we took a trip to SLC for a conference on "The Good Life" sponsored by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, complete with lavish meals in an equally lavish hotel downtown. (AnneMarie won me my new spiffy tie.)

We had (too) much fun acting like we were grown-ups and professionals but, as you can see below, as soon as we made our escape to our room we had to take lots of silly/serious selfies. It was a blast, made ten times more fun for being able to enjoy it together.

 Before we headed back home Sunday morning we stopped to take in a live performance of Music and the Spoken Word. Always worth it, especially since they performed some different pieces from the Messiah in preparation for their Easter concert. Hallelujah!

I've also decided that one of main hobbies from now is going to be food. I love it, love making it, eating it, trying new kinds. At the conference we tried lots of delicious foods but one in particular--sausage stuffed mushrooms--caught our eyes in particular, so that Monday we made them and they were, to quote Genesis, GOOD... The new item on the menu is all things pizza, homemade from scratch of course.

Last week we made a supremely supreme pizza and this week it was BBQ chicken with fresh mozzarella, cilantro, and famous Dave's BBQ sauce. During the week, too, we tried a new ice cream place in town where they make the ice cream in front of you--a la subzero--but roll it up. Deliciously creamy, this is my new favorite treat spot in town:)

In other news, our intramural basketball team was ranked 5th out of all 150 teams at BYU, which kind of makes us like some kind of D-II team I think. We lost our first game in the tournament though, the first game we lost all season, so maybe that pushes us down to D-III.

We continue loving to rock climb and let me just say that AnneMarie would put 10 out of 10 guys climbing in that gym to shame with her skillz. Last night we had a fun date/movie night with two other couples who invited us to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I'd never seen that before, but much more entertaining was the uncontrollable laughter of one of the other guys who, let's just say, thought the ENTIRE thing was raucously funny. The best news of the last two weeks is that it's sunny, so I'm back on my blue bike, speeding to and from school in the sunshine.

Here's to knowing you're living the good life with lots of sunshine too,

Love & Prayers,

Tanner and AnneMarie


Bachland :) said...

Such big happy smiles, it's contagious!

The Renaissance Man said...

:) we love you Bachs:)

CubSctAnn said...

LOVE the smiles! =D
and BBQ chicken on Pizza was Jonathan's fave, too, after he made it.
Love and Miss Ya'All! <3