Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tanner's First Week

Tanner is in Provo, Utah, beginning his semester at BYU, and doing great.

He has two uncles, nine cousins, and three aunts to visit.

And he's rooming with his best friend.

Here he's teaching Gabe how to play checkers.

We Miss You!

Dad misses you making him laugh, every day.

Mom misses your comments on her cooking.

Hunter is enjoying your room, but misses his big brother.

Porter just plain misses you.

Cooper misses you getting into the car after school.

Sawyer misses playing games with you.

Miller had a good dream about you coming home from Christmas.

His schedule?

Intro to Chemical Engineering

Book of Mormon

Honors Principles of Chemistry



Honors Writing and Rhetoric


(He dropped racquetball, too expensive; mechanical engineering seminar, not interested; and organ. He would have loved to keep that class, as he was the only boy with 13 girls, but it was too much work.)


LL said...

mechanical engineering seminar, NOT interested?!?

Duncan Chaos said...

Busy Boy!

shirlgirl said...

That's quite a study load he has. I wish him luck. And, don't you mean 6 boy cousins? They wouldn't be his nephews. Think about it! I'm sure that his brothers will miss him like crazy as well as his Mom and Dad. He's a wonderful young man.