Sunday, August 28, 2011

Father's Blessings

"What is the significance of a priesthood blessing? Think of a young man preparing to leave home to seek his fortune in the world. If his father gave him a compass, he might use this worldly tool to help him find his way. If his father gave him money, he could use this to give him power over worldy things. A priesthood blessing is a conferral of power over spiritual things. Though it cannot be touched or weighed, it is of great significance in helping us overcome obstacles on the path to eternal life." Elder Dallin Oaks

Some of my memorable thoughts of Jarrod's blessings were:

Miller: To be a big brother to Breyer and succeed in speech.

Sawyer: To show leadership, and grow in spirituality.

Cooper: To use the scouting program to grow in leadership in school and church.

Porter: To have missionary experiences and develop unique math skills.

Hunter: To be an example to adults, and answer questions eloquently.

Tanner: To feel the prayers of your family while you're away.


shirlgirl said...

And bless you as you travel to BYU to start your college life. Sending you lots of love, Tanner. You will be missed by all, that's for sure. Love, Aunt Shirley

LL said...

I love those Fathers Blessings...they always make me feel so much better.