Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hillbilly Hotdogs

Welcome to West Virginia!

The Hillbilly way to arrive?

Through the outhouse.

Cousin Luke flushing his way here from Texas.

Elizabeth, Cooper and Annalise sittin' down 'fer a spell

Elizabeth joining the wall hall of fame

Porter samplin' the menu

Even the odd decor gets writ' upon

Sonny's the weinie man, and this is Sherry, she adds the spice that's right

Luke ready for the Homewrecker Dog

Fed the whole clan

Some went back and sang for an ice cream cone

Elizabeth earns the never-give-up-trying-to-learn-that-Hillbilly-song award

Thank you for visiting!
Please flush on the way out.

Really and truly, thank you for visiting!

Please stay longer next time.


Nellie said...

We enjoyed our visit. Ready to come back. We still talk about our memories at Hillbilly Hotdog. We can now check that off our bucket list:) We never look at cole slaw the same now. Love the pictures. Thanks!

Janeen said...

Looks like fun for all and an Interesting experience. Glad Janel and the family were able to visit. I know they had a great time.

shirlgirl said...

Oh what a fun time! That hot dog is amazing1 Bet it was good, too.