Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sizing Up Soccer

It's only the first game, but I can tell she'll be great at the games, as she cheered Miller on with her binky in her mouth!

Sawyer's cheering Miller on while peeking at the competition.

Cooper's cheering Miller on while reading his book!

Miller was definitely worth cheering. He kicked the opening kick, went around sleepy kids, and made a goal.

Go, Miller, Go!

He's a silver blur!

Cooper played goalie for half his game.

Sawyer is also on his team, the under 10.

Cooper throwing the ball in bounds

Sawyer sizing up his competition

Sawyer ended up scoring his team's only goal

Cooper kicking

My favorite - the boys working together


Duncan Chaos said...

Finally, Miller gets to play! Love it. Miss playing with you guys!

Smilin' sunshine said...

Love the one of Sawyer sizing up his competition~~

Alana said...

Miller looks like he knows the business. I'm not surprised he scored.

Jenny said...

I love soccer season!

LL said...

I need to get at least one of my kids to play soccer...looks FUN!