Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Words for the Wingmen

Dear Family, far-flung and near,

Let me see if I can catch you up on the last two weeks before nodding off at the keyboard. Finals week is upon me and, more than the tests, I’m still recovering from the two small books that I wrote at the beginning of this week, one on American immigration literature and the other on Jewish-American feminist midrash. #Graduating!

Last week we went on a fun double date with a couple from our ward that lives down the street and are recently married. We went bowling and then out for ice cream at our favorite Roll Up Creamery. Bowling was a blast because AnneMarie bowled 170+ on the first game (high score of the night and overall high scorer!!!) and I, after bombing my first game bowled a 140+ on the second game. Needless to say, the other couple thought we were pros, which isn’t at all true as Porter can attest to my bowling failures the week before, but we do love a few sets of the game at our favorite lanes at Miracle Bowl.

We also had stake conference with Elder Ballard last week. It was a sweet experience to listen to him speak Saturday night and again on Sunday. Much of his focus was devoted to cultivating a sensitivity and obedience to the promptings of the Spirit. I also loved this quote: “Do not let apathy, indifference, laziness, or anything else come between you and the Redeemer of the world.” Sunday we also had a family Easter dinner at Matt and Joanna’s, complete with my first made Easter ham and some very delicious potatoes elegante made by AnneMarie.

This week AnneMarie dove headfirst into her new job at Shirley’s, bakery which, though not a dream job, hasn’t been that bad, and she has lots of hilarious stories from her experiences in the cafĂ©. She also brought me a GIANT Easter egg sugar cookie after my last day of classes. She brightens my day in so many ways : ) and I am very grateful for her hard work. Speaking of which, I’m still waiting to hear back about this full-time job that I’ve applied for and interviewed three times for. Prayers are appreciated as I wait to hear back.

We celebrated AnneMarie’s friend Caitlin’s birthday this week, as well, with a dinner at Olive Garden. That was fun hanging with friends. We also started watching the ongoing season of Amazing Race, probably our favorite show since its pretty much the only one we’ve watched. Travel around the world and do fun stuff? Sign us up! Also the antics on the show are hilarious. Other than that, the sun is shining, we get to go out and take walks, finals are in full swing, my organizational behavior professor was let go, Emerson is still the cutest baby imaginable, and I feel very blessed to have the family and wife and life that I do. Today I talked with Grampy and Mimi on the phone and it made my whole year. Their laughter and love are infectious, but if you don’t believe me call them!

All our Love and Laughter,

Tanner and AnneMarie

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shirlgirl said...

Great letter, Tanner. Mimi and Grampy came to my apartment today and we had lunch in the dining room. It was fun to have them here. Mimi came bearing gifts of rhubarb/strawberry and chili. Both will be put to good use, you can be sure of that. I still have a jar of her wonderful squash soup--a little spicy with curry but nice just the same. He had a doctor's appointment in Foxboro. They had gone to Nana's grave and planted flowers and they were going to Grampy Glass's grave to do the same. I'll have to be sure to go over to Nana's and water the plants. Sending love and hugs to you both. Aunt Shirley