Monday, April 10, 2017

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark, et al,

Some of the most interesting bit of news this week comes from three of your cousins. Derek's been accepted to Emerson College and will be attending the LA campus to get his MFA in Screenwriting this fall. Moving to LA in August! Go Derek!

Exciting news for your cousin Stevie - she signed a full ride scholarship to play basketball for Snow College Badgers this fall. Aunt Becky flew with her out to Utah to meet the coach. They've been communicating all year, and he's received a few highlight and full game films. She was in Ephraim one day to go through his drills, and scrimmage with the team. In his words, "I never knew she'd be this good." She plans to play there for two years and try to move into a higher division afterwards, which thrills him, as he wants to build his program as a feeder school.

And the finale! Your cousin Mitchell put in his papers two weeks ago, and opened them this week. Philadelphia PA mission, which covers five states. He leaves in June,probably about ten days after he graduates!

Sawyer and Miller both had baseball games yesterday. I only mention them as you would have enjoyed both their antics. Miller had two homeruns yesterday, the first of the year, one was a triple with an overthrow but he never stopped or blinked an eye when he got to third. Sawyer had a double and a single, but he springed over an attempted tag at third, and had the most horizontal slide I've ever seen in a long time, into home. Good times at the ball field this weekend.

Dad took Breyer to her soccer game, but I haven't gotten an update. She's still in love.

One day when I was grumpy with Miller not eating, and finding his dinner hidden in the microwave, Breyer said, "Mom, I don't like your face that way. You're not being a good citizen."

Dad said this weekend, after a few garage sales in the neighborhood, Breyer is a shopper. For some reason that surprised him, but she's in her element, and wanted to keep going. Dad was trying to get her to learn how to barter, but she does not quite have the hang of offering. She asks questions, instead. And Dad had to convince her that her two pesos in her wallet would not cover the cost of the two pink golf balls she wanted to buy. By the way, she let me know sometime this week the next sport she wanted to be signed up for his golf.

Dad took her to the community Easter celebration. Her soccer game conflicted with the egg hunt, but he did take her to the booth the Primary set up.

Sawyer had his first dance last night, since he's now 14. He enjoyed himself; asked and was asked. He'll be back. He also gave a talk today in church. Hopefully you got that in your inbox as well.

I've begun reading some of the General Conference talks, and it is  Elder Gary B. Sabin's that struck me as something I could share with you.  He said, "The Lord requires the heart and a willing mind. Our whole heart! When we are baptized, we are fully immersed as a symbol of our promise to fully follow the Savior, not half-heartedly. When we are fully committed and “all in,” heaven shakes for our good."

You are fully committed, and heaven shakes for your good, for your efforts, for your sacrifice.

Be good, Be safe. Be all the way in.



P.S. Got a call from Dallas County Sheriff's office - they would like me to come back, and would not require the 12 hour shifts. Interesting ;-)


Bachland :) said...

So many fun and good things going on, wish we were there!

shirlgirl said...

Enjoyed this letter so much--lots of info and fun stuff.