Sunday, April 23, 2017

With All My Love

Elder Schenewark,

Hello! We love you! We miss you! We are so glad you're coming home soon. We had an elder come home today in the ward. It made me sad because he had no family sitting with him on his first week home. You'll be surrounded. In love. Even if you'll know no one else.

Your grandmother called me this week, asking for suggestions for her Relief Society lesson on honoring the Sabbath Day. I told her that the small sacrifices we make, to keep the Sabbath Day holy, teach us how to make larger sacrifices. Such as joining the Church, or going on a mission. You boys turned down birthday parties, sporting events, Superbowl games and television in general. You learned how to prepare by finishing homework assignments on Saturday, and filling up gas tanks with gas and refrigerators with food. These little sacrifices, although not easy for a child, helped you and your brothers develop into the righteous men you are today. Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy, and paying tithing, are small sacrifices we make, for those "windows of heaven" to open for blessings we need, especially those we didn't know we needed.

(Cousin Mitch shopping for missionary clothing)

Sawyer and Miller both had baseball games at the same time, and even though the fields are adjacent, it's still not easy to watch two games, especially when I am the official game keeper of the books. Both pitched. Sawyer the whole game, Miller three out of four innings. Both hit well. Sawyer's team won, Miller's lost. And both traveled straight to Breyer's soccer game. They loved it. It was the first time they've seen her play, and she puts on a hilarious show. She threw in a few hip bumps to an aggressive competitor, got in one or two elbow moves, and had an awesome backwards ball stop.

Yesterday was an adventure. Cooper had his second date courtesy of the Weatherford Stake, this time at Antonio's, an Italian restaurant. He had been asked by a "Stella," and enjoyed his chicken fajita dinner immensely. Your father sat in the car, and when Cooper had finished, discovered the car wouldn't start. I was to be the knight in my white van, and come to their rescue, but we were having our exploits at home. Sawyer was asked to babysit for an adult fish fry ... And Dad had to wait. And wait. But eventually our visitors arrived and left in their car,  and your father and brother were able to start their car, and we all came home.

My favorite substitute teaching class this week was elementary school P.E. teacher. Fourth graders are adorable, as they know they're not at the top. Yet. First graders are sweet, as they've learned the rules, and are no longer the youngest. I let them play Dodge Ball. THE favorite game, I'm told, by Miller. The boys were stoked; the girls resigned. The first class was second graders going on a field trip, so they had free time on the outside playground. I was asked to play and go seek, and became the hider. I ran and ran, trying to find and get to places that would cover me, but these wide open Texas spaces weren't conducive to hiding from smart second graders. The culvert, the wall, the tree, the luck. Another group of girls wanted to use their fit bits, and we had to go running. And running. My breakfast wasn't sitting too well, but I managed. Kids are cute! While walking out to my car, one of my gym class participants yelled, "Bye cute lady!"

I spent another day being a math teacher at a middle school. I had to administer tests every period, so it wasn't hard, but I still really enjoy interacting with these 8th graders. One girl told me she liked my shoes. One boy told me he liked my hair. I can always make Dad smile with my adventures.

Cooper is excited he'll be measured for his varsity letterman jacket this week; Sawyer's excited he'll be traveling to Utah. He and Dad leave Wednesday morning, arrive Thursday in time for Tanner's graduation, sit through another ceremony on Friday; and leave sometime Saturday by dinner. It's a quick trip in a short amount of time, but Porter will be packed and wrapped and brought home.

(crazy family picture from a few weeks ago!)

Well, that's a wrap. Even though the letter might be kind of short, hopefully it's long on love. The family kind. Your father sends his love. He got home late from his meetings tonight. He's thankful he's your father. Be good. Stay safe.




The Renaissance Man said...

Thank you for all your love. This blog is so sweet to read over and is a blessing for our family:)

Bachland :) said...

July 27th, we're counting the days!

shirlgirl said...

Great letter as usual. Glad you are enjoying your teaching.