Sunday, April 2, 2017

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

I bet you have thoroughly enjoyed your weekend. Don't you just love General Conference? What a nice respite for a missionary, to sit, listen, ponder and absorb. Many mentioned missionaries and the love is felt for you, your sacrifice, and the work you're doing.

One day while I was substitute teaching at Miller and Breyer's school, for a second grade teacher, I had recess duty, for ten minutes. During that short period of time I saw Breyer, and her class, leave the playground, saw Miller and his class come onto the playground, and joined the Mermaid Club. Requirements consisted of hanging upside down on the parallel bars, with your hair loose and swinging on the ground, and other assorted tricks. I also got to play one round of kickball with Miller and his boy friends, surprising all the boys with my kick. However, I forgot to ask where their bases were, and floundered between first and second, and was pegged out by Miller before I reached the right pole of the soccer net. Good times on the playground.

I filled in for a second grade teacher that was in the building helping to administer the state test to fourth graders. Bonus in that when she was done, I was done and got to leave early. They were a delightful class. The morning after the storm her smart board wasn't working, which is less intimidating for me anyway, but she was very impressed when she walked into the room and found her white board full of my morning lessons. She then told me how younger, more tech oriented teachers, whose boards did not work, were asking her how they were going to teach. Go old lady.

Storm season is here in Texas, probably gearing up for peak punch soon. We were awakened earlier this week at 1:30 a.m. when the weather alarm went off. Your father and I got up, put on clothes and shoes, gathered a few flash lights, and checked the radar on the computer. We hovered near doors and windows watching for a half hour, for the ominous black swirls of a tornado, but it did not head our way that night. It was a good dry run. The next day I was in your little siblings' school, and ALL the children had been up during the night. We were all tired together.

Porter's latest accomplishment in the dorms is the Toaster Club. One of the boys brought a four slice toaster up to their floor, and he organized the bagel brigade. They have the routine of turning on the fan and opening the window down to a science. And, admonishing him about a former incident I had to handle involving boys,toasters, and dorm fire alarms, has promised not to cause any alarm.

Tanner had tickets to a major league game given to him from his summer employment, and offered Dad the chance to go to a Rangers game Saturday, so he went. And Sawyer finished his two baseball games early enough so he could go with him.

Aunt Becky is in Utah so Stevie could visit the schools, especially Snow College where she is hoping to play ball. Your cousin Abbie tagged along for the adventure, and her sister Sarah was included in the fun, but I'm not sure how she got down from Idaho. Porter spent Thursday with her touring and bowling, and Tanner spent Friday eating and playing games. How fun!

The March Madness tournament is not over, but we know it's down to Tanner and Sawyer, and Gonzaga and North Carolina. Sawyer has the most points, but Tanner is the one with Gonzaga going all the way. If NC wins, Sawyer wins by default, and it will be the first time for him to have his name engraved on the bronze jock. Tanner's hoping the strap will travel out of state.

Your father and Sawyer have been able to enjoy the spring weather by returning to the ponds.

Sawyer hurt his back pole vaulting, a lumbar sprain, and has been hunched over like an old man all week. He managed to pole vault at his track meet this week, and out of the six schools, placed third with an 8'6" jump. He cleared the 9' pole three times, but kept knocking the bar off. The winner won with a 9'6" jump. He was in pain Saturday at his baseball game, but managed to contribute even with his handicap. Today he's so much better, and perhaps believes in my remedy of heating pad and ibuprofen.

Miller was a bit more agile in his double header baseball game yesterday, one game pitching and catching, and one game at first. He always stops the ball, has good throws, and bats well, but his joy and skill right now are in running bases. When he gets on, he gets home.

Today for conference I made fried dough for breakfast. By the time Dad came out of the shower, we were entrenched in Saturday's morning session, which we missed due to baseball games, and were eating fried dough and drinking soda. What? It's a tradition! Sparkly drinks on conference weekend. That's the only time I purposely purchase such drinks, and your younger siblings opened theirs before lunch. Good times in the living room. Dad just rolls his eyes and goes forth.


Cooper is still airplane creating and flying. I always have bits of foam board in my living room, and his room is full of cutting mats and tools. This weekend he put his phone someone passed along to him, inside, with the camera recording on, and received a few aerial views. Way cool. Homemade drone. One caught him in the picture, in our side yard. The other picture shows how high he flew the plane. Unfortunately, on such a flight the phone fell out of the plane and landed in water, so this will not happen again.

Breyer enjoyed her Saturday afternoon soccer game. She catches on quickly, and while her attention span isn't constant, she does make a difference in turning the ball around, or blocking an attempted goal. But, just so you don't think she's losing some of her femininity, know that snack time is probably her favorite time of the game.

Thoughts from General Conference? Your adorable Ammie is thrilled they announced a temple in East Africa, Nairobi, Kenya. Another temple in Brazil must make you three Brazilians in Heart happy, Brasilia. Having just seen Elder Rasband, I loved his talk, and remembered the love he exuded in Weatherford, TX. I felt it again today. Elder Weatherford T. Clayton had us all giggling when Cooper told us the T. stood for Texas. Again, when what we thought was his brother, L. Whitney Clayton took the podium, we had to see if they were brothers, and if they did indeed come from Texas. Yes to the first, and no to the second. Again, good times in the living room.

One of my favorite talks was from Elder S. Mark Palmer, who heard six words while listening to a recording of The New Testament he had not noticed before: “Then Jesus beholding him, loved him” (Mark 10:21). “My brothers and sisters, now anytime you feel you are being asked to do something hard — give up a poor habit or an addiction, put aside worldly pursuits, sacrifice a favorite activity because it is the Sabbath, forgive someone who has wronged you — think of the Lord beholding you, loving you and inviting you to let it go and follow Him, and thank Him for loving you enough to invite you to do more.”

Well, that's the news for this week. We're looking forward to hearing your news. Be good. Be safe. Be ours.




Bachland :) said...

What a wonderful week! Have Breyer to tell those nasty tornados to go the other direction, she's so cute they will listen to her I'm sure.

shirlgirl said...

Wow, what a newsy letter--and scary moments for all of you. Glad there were no tornadoes coming your way. I always enjoy reading your blog--lets me know what is going on in your lives. Love you all.