Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Words for the Wingmen

Dear Elder Schenewark, Family and Friends,

The few events that happened this week were short but sweet and of great eternal significance.

Tuesday was Emerson’s sealing to Matt and Joanna and we were very grateful to be in attendance. Emerson was a perfect angel, literally, as he gurgled and smiled throughout the entire ordinance. Joanna’s grandfather, brother to Elder Oaks, performed the sealing and many more family members were on hand for that sacred occasion. It also meant we got to hang out with everyone for games and food the rest of the day. The homework gods looked favorably on me that day, as well, so I could participate in the festivities.

Monday night, in town for the sealing, we had Garrett and the babies over to our house for the night. They’re a super sweet bunch and it was fun to wake-up to a roomful of inquiring eyes, like kids on Christmas.

Other than that, we had a blast playing Pandemic with Matt and Joanna on Friday night. Fun game and especially uplifting as you all win or lose together. I like that kind of unity.

Today we did Primary and prepared for the Mother’s Day program. All the little girls adore AnneMarie, like a queen, and when she says only girls are going to sing a certain part, they’re very enthusiastic and responsive.

Lastly, we were so happy to have AnneMarie’s cousin Alyssa and her boyfriend over for dinner tonight before they headed up to Idaho. Lots of laughs were had, especially as we learned some Navajo mating rituals from Tyler who served his mission on their reservation. They involve saying something like “Chee, Chee” whenever a girl you like passes by and then the girl reciprocates with more chees. Good times on the rez, though I don’t recommend testing this method of wooing off the rez.

We also got a visit from our home teacher tonight which was nice since we haven’t had a visit from a home teacher since we’ve been married, that I can remember. We love our Lakeview ward.

Also, big news, AnneMarie has some job offers! She hasn’t decided, firmly, on which she’ll take yet, but we feel very blessed and know that the Lord times these things in accordance with his grand plan.

Much love to you all,

Tanner and AnneMarie

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Bachland :) said...

Another exiting week and graduation coming up in only 2 weeks!