Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Words for the Wingmen

Dear Family,

I have grossly neglected you in the last two weeks and for that I am deeply sorry. This doesn't promise to be much of a letter but rather a list as it is late. Think of it as a modern letter, a new form:

1. Went to BYU versus #1 long beach state men's volleyball. BYU lost in straight sets but all were hard fought, close games and the company was pretty great too. Also the cougar tail we shared.

2. Had a party day with Port-dog on the day he got his mission call. Needless to say we needed to celebrate that so we went bowling at the wilk and afterwards ate dinner with him at the Canon center. First off he's a great bowler though AnneMarie gave him a run for his money beating him once and getting second by ONE point in another game and second he eats plenty (mom) of food. We also toured the art museum together, a first for Porter, where they have a stunning Minerva Teichert display going on.

3. Still calling for the removal of my professor as he ramps up the insanity of his class. I'm not worried about him ever returning to BYU but action needs to be taken now and fast.

4. Baby Emerson is still the cutest baby known to this planet.

5. Spent a delightful conference Sunday with three groups of family, first in SLC with Lyndsi and Jessica, where we are an amazing breakfast spread and took a walk around the capital in between sessions, next with Ben, joy, Becky and crew for pancakes, another walk and lots of good times, and finally with the Paces and Mcclarens who are gathered in town for Emerson's sealing this Tuesday.

6. We've had a host of job interviews in the last couple days so hopefully we'll be sharing good news in the weeks to come.

7. We had a surprise visit from our very nice landlord who checked things to make sure they were all right and fixed our cranky shower door.

8. We had a bomb visit with aunt Becky, Stevie and Abby. We played ball with Stevie and porter on friday, and afterwards grabbed some cafe Rio and had everyone over, including Sarah Jane, for a game night. All I'm saying is if the celestial kingdom is a family game night, count me in.

That's a wrap. Hope you're soaking up the conference messages! All the sessions were wonderful but Saturday afternoon probably took the cake for me.

We love you!

Tanner and AnneMarie

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