Sunday, April 16, 2017

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

Happy Easter! Is this celebrated in Brazil? Did you get a traditional Brazialian Easter Egg? Hopefully  you're well. well-fed, doing well. Your younger siblings joined in Bentwater's Easter egg hunt yesterday morning, and came home with a few pieces of candy and gum. Sawyer went to a birthday party for a friend, and came home with a massive bag of candy from his Easter egg hunt. Yet we know this isn't Easter. The Church's Easter campaign, Prince of Peace is beautifully done. We watched it for Family Home Evening this week. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ instills in each of us “a reason [for] the hope that is in [us].”

Good Friday here meant no school. This year it will be remembered as the day with no hot water. I was trying to do dishes, and mop, and start the dishwasher, and wash clothes, but thought at the time nothing was going right because your father used up all the hot water during his shower. When I finally realized it had been too long for me not to have some hot water, he finally told me that he had no hot water in his shower. He went to look at the water heater and found that the breaker switch had flipped. Then we Googled a few key phrases and figured out our heater element probably was broken. In order to determine whether or not this was true, and to replace it, we had to purchase a fairly expensive tool, a multimeter. Allows you to check for continuity and voltage, etc and allowed us to check without getting shocked. Your father had to make two trips to Lowes and Home Depot, but spent less money than having a plumber assist. And since we only placed the bottom element, we know have the knowledge to replace the top element, as well as either of the thermostats. It was a great date night.

Because Dad had to peruse the aisles, he saw things he normally doesn't see, including a plastic drain swizzle stick. He remembered both our bathtubs aren't draining correctly, most likely because of your sister's hair and toys. So he put Sawyer to work. And now the tubs work. It's wonderful. My trashcan is full of hair, and a nickel was the main culprit to the clog.

My favorite substitute job came this week while being the nurse at Sawyer's middle school. After getting the daily medications arranged, I looked at previous days' logs, and saw 15-20 visits were the average. 67! And although nothing was urgent, all were real concerns. Low blood sugar to heart palpitations to an infected knee cut, allergies in an eye, vomiting, earache...just a day of fun.

Cooper played in a district tennis tournament at the beginning of the week, and by the third day Granbury was declared district champions, and Cooper and his partner in third place. They lost second place to another Granbury pair. He actually left this afternoon for the hotel and tomorrow will be playing in regionals, not coming home until Tuesday. He let us show off fall's and last week's medals, in addition to the new tennis-bag-for-next-fall-season they let those traveling borrow. Go Coop! #PiratePride

Sawyer and Dad got to go to the Dallas temple on Saturday to do baptisms. Due to extenuating circumstances he got to do more than normal. They opted out of the group dinner plans, and stopped at Rudy's on the way home. They picked you up a few packs. Dad says next time he's choosing Tom and Chee's.

Dad wanted you to know the roadrunners are back, as well as the scissor fly tails. The cliff swallow has returned to the mud nest above our front door. Spring is in the air. Pollen is free floating. Your family's eyes and noses are watering and itching. He also wants to know if you can obtain an extra missionary name tag with your name on it? Tanner was able to give him one, and he wants to begin his collection.

Porter is starting to wrap up this semester. He's been working on his VISA and passport papers, as well as getting temple recommend interviews and an appointment with the Provo temple. He'll be going through the temple with your father when he travels to Utah to pick Porter up, and attend Tanner's graduation. We really wanted Cooper to be able to go, but four days of missing school is too much, and since he can't drive, I'm home as well. Hot off the press: Sawyer has decided to go since the trip won't interfere with his band concert or his state testing. Watch out Utah!

The week was quiet, so this is all we came up with. Know of our love for you. Know how proud we are of your sacrifice. Know how much you influence your family.

Much love,



The Renaissance Man said...

Cooper also won award for "Best Tan in the Family." Go Bronzed Roman!

Bachland :) said...

Love the letters, we'll hardly miss a week with the careful planning of keeping and Elder in Brazil continuously.