Monday, April 11, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

Another week has gone by. I found myself gazing at your life size cardboard cut out that leans against my piano often. We had a new elder arrive this week, and we made the introductions to you. I'll miss our Alaskan elder that has moved on.

Highlights of the week include your grandfather's 75th birthday celebration. I wasn't invited! How rude of the Massachusetts gang! The two pictures I dug off the internet are great:

On the home front, Miller FINALLY caught his first fish. Dad realized he probably didn't have the oomf to cast it out far enough to hook a fish, so Cooper helped him by casting it out, and then he caught one. I asked him what he named his first fish. I got the look.

Miller also has been playing some baseball. He got to pitch one inning each game, and played short stop. He had one smooth, great play to first base, and otherwise the game was quiet for him. He's probably the most accurate pitcher on his team, though.

Sawyer had a few games as well, and pitched, caught, and played short. He's a cute player. He got a wood bat for Christmas, and after he hit so well one game, the only one who connected, all the other players were hankering to use his bat.

Cooper has his last tennis meet this week. He's hoping for another first place finish. He also gets his braces on. He's worn his "hold-in-place" band for a long time. Wait until next week for some up and close mouth shots!

Porter has his last track meet this week. The poles designed for his weight and height never arrived. The coach led him along all season. He's disappointed not to have been able to vault this season. Unless he qualifies at districts, he's done.

And then there's Breyer. We were driving along one day and she's chatting away in the car and says, "Do you know what my favorite part of church is?" "Leaving!"  I laughed on the road f-o-r-e-v-e-r!

Tanner found out he has been awarded the internship with the Scottish Parliament, and has begun his plans to leave for the fall semester. How exciting! I'm trying to finagle a deal with your father: I'll go pick up Tanner and AnneMarie from Scotland, and he can go pick up you from Brazil. We'll see.

And in golf this week, The Masters. AUGUSTA, Ga. — Rory McIlroy has been forgotten about twice. And that's just this week. He was a hot topic of conversation coming into this Masters, with many wondering if he could win a green jacket to complete a career Grand Slam. Then Jordan Spieth bolted out of the gate Thursday morning, fired a 6-under 66, which left Rory six strokes back before he even started. . In the course of 24 hours, McIlroy went from eight strokes back to a spot in Saturday's final pairing. With Jordan Spieth. The stage is set at golf's greatest theater.

But, Danny Willett pulled the win, with a -5, and a tie for second between Lee Westwood and Jordan Spieth, -2.

This week was a joint young men young women activity. Cooper wanted to go fishing. No one agreed. Then your father remembered it was the 6th, the anniversary of the restoration of the Church, as well as through revelation, the birth of the Savior. He said, "Jesus told his apostles to be fisher of  men." And then being outside, fishing in our pond, seemed like such a great idea. The youth gathered here Wednesday evening in large numbers; some parked their cars on our driveway and I shuttled them over. And then only three, including Sawyer, caught fish. So the analogy continued. "How excited were those three who caught the fish?" Very excited. "Imagine your joy when you catch one soul." Your father's a good man.

You're a good son. We love you and your sacrifice you're willing to make. We ache for your presence in our lives, but know you're in good hands. Stay safe.




Bachland :) said...

Big smiles in Shrewsbury, we so enjoyed our long call last night. Looking forward to next month and the big High school Graduation.

shirlgirl said...

Loved your letter. So excited for Tanner and AnneMarie. How long will they be in Scotland? What a wonderful chance for them.