Monday, April 4, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark.

What a lovely weekend. It is always such a delight to sit and listen to General Conference. It's like I've been starving, and am being give cold, clear,delicious water that I can feel spread through my body that didn't know it was so thirsty. Does that make sense?

I loved the conference talks, but felt so much in the little moments I observed. I cried with President Uchtdorf after we had finished listening to Elder Kearon speak about the refugees. I cried with President Eyring and drawing nearer unto "thee," and Elder Arnold's four principles of rescue. I loved Elder Cook's statement, that "Increased temples and advanced technology makes this the most blessed time to live on the earth, despite the lack of righteousness." I was sad to see how much weight President Monson has lost. But I felt this conference had less "preaching" and more "let's work together in all the causes of righteousness." I'll have to think of a more eloquent way to express myself.

Last Saturday's evening session for Women highlighted the Church's new refugee initiative: I Was A Stranger. The Church is asking women to prayerfully consider how they might aid refugees from their local neighborhoods, and when a way is found, to share. I felt very inspired from the beginning of my presidency to call a humanitarian specialist, that would provide sisters in the ward to serve together on a monthly basis. I'm grateful she is in place to help us spearhead this new program of the Church in their efforts to aid the now displaced 60 million refugees.

This Friday was the annual Cub Scout Blue and Gold banquet. Breyer, Miller and Sawyer came with me while Dad and Porter were at his track meet and soccer game. We now have seven LDS boys in the pack. I love being in community packs, not re-inventing the wheel on a ward level. Some of my best friends from Ohio were the ones I left behind in Cub Scouts. Miller finished his Bear requirements, earning the rank advancement, and will be moving up into first year Webeloes.

The Granbury Ward priesthood had their annual BBQ before the session began. Porter was invited to help cook the meat this year, but declined so he could stay home and make applie pies. Two, to be exact, but he left one for me to sample. And darn if his crust wasn't better than mine! So flaky and crusty! He used the leftover pie dough and hot dogs today to make wienies in a blanket. Delicious! Then, he made empanadas, using that leftover pie dough and BBQ pork, and made Porter's pork Poptarts. Yum! It gets better. That last remaining pie dough was spread with your grandmother's jelly and jam, and he made actual sweet Poptarts. He would be a good roommate to have in college. He's become a very good cook.

Dad took BBQ to the missionaries at the church. He told me the elder from Alaska will be leaving this week. Darn! We've worked so well together! I'll miss him. He said he's going to have his less active friend take Kaleb out to lunch.

It's official. Miller won the March Madness jock strap trophy again. He pulled so far ahead that we've known for a while there was no chance for anybody else to win, except Breyer. Only because she picked Syracuse to win (#10 seed). They won their game against University of Virginia (#1) and that made Miller sweat for a while. But they lost last night to NC (#1), and Breyer won't be sneaking the strap away.

Your brothers each had a baseball tournament here in town, and between their four games, Sawyer had one win. Miller got to catch for the first time, and pitched two innings; Sawyer caught most of both games, and pitched most of one game. So interesting that they're both being catchers, and they're very good in that position. Hopefully I'll get better at keeping their books, and sneaking in a picture or two.  I don't have any of them yet.

I almost had all the Easter decorations away, and our neighbor dropped off a bag of eggs stuffed with chocolates they had meant to leave on our front lawn. Somewhere this weekend Breyer figured out how to make egg bombs, filling them with marbles. And she chases Miller around the house, who truly flees for his life. Marbles aren't soft when the egg cracks. It still makes me smile. And it was such fun for them to pick up the marbles together spread all over the house. Not!

We're excited to hear from you! We're thankful the dentist helped with your teeth and gum concerns. Know of our love for you.



Bachland :) said...

Big smiles in New England, reading the letters each week warms our hearts, even when it SNOWING outside!

shirlgirl said...

Nice letter, Amy Jo. I watched most of the game last night--they were neck and neck all the way. It was exciting to watch. Basketball amazes me in that the shots to make baskets are taken so far away at times. Amazing! The fellow who threw the winning basket was interviewed on TV this morning. He was exhausted because he sat up all night talking until 7:00 this morning. I'll bet he's taking a nap now!