Sunday, April 24, 2016

Family History

When my brother Porter did his Eagle Scout project he did it on indexing. This is right when the 1940 census was released and everyone was excited to see who they could find on these new records.

But, in order to search the census, the names had to be indexed. This is when I learned how to index. I helped Porter on his Eagle Scout project and I also set a goal to index every Sunday after church. Without trying very hard, but just by being consistent, I was given an award by the stake president for being the youngest indexer for reaching a goal set by the stake president. This is when my love for family history began.

Today I was asked to speak on the importance of family history. There are five reasons you should do family history. First, it helps you avoid worldly distractions. Second, it helps you receive inspiration and guidance from the Holy Ghost. Third, It prepares you to go to the temple. Fourth, family history prepares you to go on your mission. Lastly, it makes you happy.

I know personally that you will be happy if you do family history.

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Bachland :) said...

We LOVE this talk and also the young man that gave it!