Monday, April 11, 2016

Letter #34

Dear Family and Friends,

Whirlwind week. Perhaps the hardest of my mission. But, the hardest had to happen sometime right? And, I love my mission, and still feel like I have the best weeks ahead of me.

My teeth are feeling great, it´s been a miracle to feel so good, and I think I´ll stop updating on the status of my eater.

And now, I thank everybody who waited months for official confirmation, and now after using countless toilets here, I would like to certify, that the flush is counterclockwise here. Yes, counterclockwise. And undeniably so.

Other news of international importance, the crisis here economically is spreading. Like the United States, there is an order of succession if something happens to the President. But, a bunch of the people have already been implicated, so in short, if Pres. Dilma is impeached, Tiririca, will become President most likely. Yes, Tiririca. He´s a comedian from Forteleza, who is very popular, but nevertheless was elected as a joke. He can´t read, and doesn't know anything about the government. But, he is clean from all the scandals.

Rafaela was sick, so she couldn't come to the church. She stopped and had talked with some other missionaries, because when she saw some them with tags that said Jesus Christ, in her words, she thought they´re secretaries for Him. Which I thought was pretty cool. So that´s how we started teaching her.

Isabela, is excited to be baptized, this Wednesday. She smoked Tuesday, and when we told her, the date for baptism would change from Sunday to Wednesday, she left the room crying. She´s truly amazing. She leaves to help us teach sometimes, and is reading the Book of Mormon every morning and night. When we talked about family history, she started immediately. When I showed her the picture of our family, she took a picture to put on facebook, because it's her goal. To have a happy family. She wants to become `uma irmã` or a sister of the ward, who has a family, attends all the events, and just helps people. Her dad is German, and lives in Germany, and she hopes to serve a mission there.

We had interviews with Pres. Young this week. Always wonderful to talk with him. The emphasis lately has been to teach repentance. I love it, as it's what brings joy. People we talk to think of repentance as painful or hard, but it's not! Jesus Christ suffered for our sins, so we don´t have to. He lives, and we can too! We can change! This is our message of hope and happiness. Lately I've begun to understand the doctrine of Christ, and it's changing me, and how I teach to others. Faith in Christ, Repentance, Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost, enduring to the end.

While we were waiting, we talked with Sister Young. She challenged us to memorize Article of Faith 8+13 in Portuguese. I was the first to do it, so our companionship gained 10 reais for ice cream later. And more importantly, I recognized how useful these succinct phrases are, so I memorized all 13 to use in contacts and lessons. Learn them!

And that brings to me to the next matter. Ice cream. I've taken an extended, undetermined leave of absence from açai, due to the acidity. Just to let everything heal completely. So, ice cream. People said the summer heat would end in March, but we´re still waiting. Holy cow it's hot. So we enjoy an ice cream. We found this one place, Tres Estrellas, where the ice cream and the prices are delicious. Its only 2 Reais for 200 mL, but its 5.75 Reais for 400mL, so I have a propensity to buy 2- 200 mL´s. I´m waiting to see if she´ll change the prices. I´ve been trying out all the flavors, and graviola might take the top prize. Or Romeu and Julieta. Romeu and Julieta is caju with guava. I've never read the play by William Shakespeare, but don´t feel the need to anymore. The flavor is so rich, tasting like lost love. It's the most effective advertising I've seen in my life.

Last Monday, we went to Vitoria, had a great lunch with the secretaries of the mission, but found out the camera store was closed. Our town, Serra was open, but Vitoria, more Catholic, had declared a holiday for some saint, Senhora da penha. We´re still not sure who she is. But we´ll return today to finally get it fixed.

I love this mission. I love this opportunity to serve. I love spreading this message of joy. I love President Young. I love this gospel, this everlasting gospel in its fullness. I love my Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ. I love my Father in Heaven. And I love you all.

Elder Schenewark

Brighten your day.

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Bachland :) said...

Our letters to Brazil, San Diego and Alaska get dropped at the Post Office on the way home tonight. We so enjoy getting letters back from all of them!