Monday, November 28, 2011

United States Golf Association

What better way to begin the Thanksgiving vacation than to let Mr. Brown Sign stop driving for a visit...this time to the United States Golf Association. (This large clock is a Rolex!)

This beautiful building housed a museum, trophies, golf artifacts, and a golf course. 

 A tribute to the caddy...and perfect size for Miller!

An oldie but goodie!

 Some of the old clubs and balls...

The actual putter used on the moon (did you know they did that when they landed?)

A woven basket used on some courses rather than a!

Playing golf in Germany makes you young? I'm going!

The Come-Back Award, given to a golfer who overcomes extreme obstacles.

Late 1800 putters and balls were required equipment to putt on the 18 holes of putting greens, modeled after a course in Scotland.

It's a great museum, even if you're not the biggest golf fan!


Duncan Chaos said...

Had no idea about golf on the moon!

LL said...

sign me up....we must go there!

Aaron H. said...

You guys always have the fun adventures.