Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Art

We love our corner store Halloween coloring contest! This is our third? year entering.
The kids' plan of action was to wait until the last day before turning them in so no one could see how they had colored their entries:
They'll find out soon how they fared, but after looking at the competition, they're sure there will be at least one Schenewark on the phone list!
Miller "you should do this and that says Sawyer" Schenewark

Porter "no white allowed" Schenewark
Cooper's original sheet

Cooper "you didn't give me enough to color" Schenewark
Sawyer "how many shades of orange can I use" Schenewark


shirlgirl said...

Awesome job. Waiting to hear of the winners!

Duncan Chaos said...

Love the new pic, especially Miller peeking out!