Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Are you ready for some carrots?

Mashed potatoes?
Sweet potatoes?
Yes we are!


shirlgirl said...

Oh, she is so darned cute!!!! Would love to see her eating all those veggies. Usually I've seen babies make a gagging face eating potatoes--the texture, I think. Will be fun to hear about her first Thanksgiving dinner! Have a nice day.

LL said...

I like her enthusiasm!
(i bet she thankful for all these new foods)

Jenny said...

Go! Eat! Win!!

Duncan Chaos said...

Super cute! I haven't seen her front teeth?!

Janeen said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Becky said...

And we were so LUCKY to have her at OUR table for Thanksgiving. I almost had HER for dinner. :) So cute!

Alana said...

I didn't notice her shirt the first time I looked at this. It seems a shame not to be able to partake of the turkey and all the other things Thanksgiving has to offer- next year though.