Sunday, November 13, 2011


"Reverence is more than just quietly sitting." These are words from a Primary song. Our family talks about sitting quietly in church. We also talk about the importance of singing the sacrament songs, and listening to the speakers. We talk about remembering to think about Jesus during the sacrament, and about ways we can be better the following week. Doing all of these things is becoming more reverent. One of the most reverent places we can go to is the temple. This next year I'll be turning twelve and can go to the temple. It's important we learn how to be reverent and practice being reverent so we can go to the temple. The temple is Heavenly Father's house on the earth, and we show reverence and love for Him when we do those things in His church and at His temple. I will continue to work on those things so I can become more reverent, and so I can go to the temple.


shirlgirl said...

Beautiful, Cooper. You have taught a great lesson here for everyone.

Duncan Chaos said...

Good job Cooper, I can't believe you and Noah will be 12!