Thursday, November 17, 2011

Respecting the Flag

The Cubscouts and I visited the local VFW for a little F.L.A.G. etiquette.

I did not know that the flag represents LIVING freedom, and so it is to hang free!

It is not to be displayed or carried horizontal (I know I've seen this in parades and opening ceremonies!)

Even when the flag is retired and burned, it is to be folded.

A flag is not to fly at night unless properly lit.

Those eagles on the poles are to fly forward at all times...

...and facing front at others.

Our flag is never dipped at other flags, always leads, and always higher.

Our flag is always saluted. If there are multiple flags, the first is saluted and all others you should be on your feet.

I love learning new things like this!
It's been a while since I've had Flag 101.
The VFW is an amazing group of men and women who serve selfishly - thank you!
(Some yummy wolf cookies for some really cute wolves!)


Duncan Chaos said...

Great blog, love seeing the boys holding and respecting our flag!

LL said...

I didn't know that about displaying it horizontally.
Interesting facts!

Janeen said...

If the flag is not to be horizontal, then why do I see that so often? I've seen it at football games with our service men being the ones holding the flags. That is very interesting. When they fold it, don't they do it in a horizontal position? I wonder if the man was refering to it not lying on the ground.
Good to see the boys showing their respect. I learned some new things to.

Jenny said...

I've seen it displayed horizontally SO many times... if this is a basic rule of etiquette, why do so many not know?

shirlgirl said...

I share the same as Janeen. When it is folded, it is in the horizontal position. It is also in the horizontal position when it is covering a casket. Interesting flag facts you have presented.