Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Interfaith Thanksgiving Service

I think my hometown has a wonderful tradition, their yearly interfaith Thanksgiving service.

Sawyer and his grandmother arriving in style!
There were clerical representatives from SO many churches, including a priest, a rabbi, an imam...of course Dad was there looking so spiffy and ever important as our representative. How fun would it be to go with him on his interfaith field trips?

Hunter was especially intrigued at the different contributions each religious leader made.
For all the churches that were represented, the attendance was so sparse!
This year there were special visitors...

Seven monks from the Gaden Jangtse monastery in South Central India, sponsored by a local church for a week long visit.

Their chanting is such a different expression of faith.
They were gracious enough to allow photos with some of the boys.

One small step for these leaders, one giant leap of global harmony and understanding for us.


Duncan Chaos said...

Absolutely a great experience. Jay and I went to a different church on Sunday evening and the whole time I was wishing I would have brought the kids.

shirlgirl said...

That is wonderful, and just think what was missed by the people who did not attend. Perhaps those who attended will spread the word of the wonderful interfaith service.

Jenny said...

I like it!
So cool.