Tuesday, November 29, 2011

50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Much arranging, organizing, and then decorating was done in preparation for the big event, none of which I was a part!

I pulled into town an hour before the kick-off, and tried to shake off the "I've been sitting in the car for eight hours!"

The family pulled together in a wonderful way, and "got'er done."

Aaron was THE event planner.
Well done, brother!

That's a lot of salad!

The boys working with the lights on a really tall ladder!

The pictures hung around the room captured the years in a wonderful way!

This became a popular place to stop, as Dad's love letter is amazing.

An amazing cake! Everything was edible, and very yummy!

All the grandchildren were greeters and waiters extraordinaire!

Miller serving one of those salads...

Awesome appetizers...

Reuniting with cousin Kim...

The brothers-in-law hanging out with the princess.

The waitstaff, after having cleaned and changed, and after having been trained, and fed, are just waiting to work!

The doors we're all waiting behind!

Surprise! The golden couple have arrived, thinking they were speaking.

My parents are amazing!

As golden as the years they've endured, and as precious as gold.

Porter and Hannah storming the dance floor!

Porter's two-thumbs up for the catered chicken and pasta.

The End.


LL said...

Your parents have touched so many lives....it's fun to see so much done for them.
What an event. 50 years should be celebrated in a BIG way. NICE WORK!!

shirlgirl said...

Wonderful blog honoring your folks. It was a fun party!

Duncan Chaos said...

Aww, so good to see such happy loving people celebrating great parents! Congratulations!!

Amy M. said...

Great Job to all of you. The Grand night looks like it turned out to be a grand success for two Grand- and special People. Happy Anniversary to your Parents. Your Parents are such a blessing. I agree with Laura- they have touched so many lives, and I feel blessed to be one of them.