Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Time With Dad

Far away from the earth on which we dwell, in the blue ocean of space, thousands of bright orbs, in clusterings and configurations of exceeding beauty...(moon)

...invite the upward gaze of man, and tempt him to the examination of the wonderful sphere by which he is surrounded.

The starry heavens do not display their glittering constellations in the glare of day, while the rush and turmoil of business incapacitate man for the enjoyment of their solemn grandeur. (Jupiter)

It is in the stillness of the midnight hour, when all Nature is hushed in repose, when the hum of the world's on-goings is no longer heard, that the planets roll and shine, and the bright stars, trooping through the deep heavens, speak to the willing spirit that would learn their mysterious being.

Ormsby McKnight Mitchel, astronomer and Civil War soldier from Kentucky


Jenny said...

They all look so handsome! Was that the Saturday night priesthood session pre-game show?

Duncan Chaos said...

COOL! Looks like fun.

LL said...


Christy said...

Not surprising that you guys are into "Heavenly" hobbies! Beautiful i bet.

Becky said...

Fun pictures! Your boys look so cute. What's up with the leather coat? DAPPER!

NeeNee said...

Great time with Daddy! Is that your telescope or are they somewhere else?