Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hunter's Eagle Scout Project

Jarrod building the garden boxes with the boys.

Tanner hanging the bird feeder

Hunter speaking with a reporter regarding his project.

Mulching the garden boxes. There are three of them.

There's a family of turtles living in the empty courtyard. Hopefully they'll enjoy their new home.

Any excuse to climb a tree, Cooper decided to check on the bird feeder.
Cooper's friend, Adam, who helped dig holes and erect the three new bird houses.

Sanding the three picnic tables was quite laborious! There was a big difference, though, when the old layers were removed. Sawyer was the sand-a-holic. He worked hard on every table.

Mixing, pouring and impressing the area with animal tracks.

Hunter building the weather station, complete with therometer, rain gauge and humidity gauge.

Winter plantings in the garden box, until they can be used by the students in the spring.

This shows the three birdhouses, bird feeder, and weather station. In the far left corner you can see the edge of the sandbox, built to hold sand and fossils.

Missing a few pictures, including the varnished tree stump, fossil box, and entire courtyard, but hopefully the pictures paint a clear picture. It was a worthwhile project. He garnered 92 hours over the weekend in labor alone.


NeeNee said...

Beautiful job! The school is very fortunate to have that on their school ground. I'm certain that it will be enjoyed for many years.

Aaron H. said...

Way to go, Hunter!

Bachland :) said...

Hunter, you can come to our house and install one of these wonderful courtyards. Great Project, congratulations!!! Bro. B.

CubSctAnn said...

Dynomite project! Good work Hunter and everyone! Are those masks for swine flu or for sanding dust? Will the school buy seed and fill the birdfeeder when it's empty?

LL said...

way to go Hunter!

Amy M. said...

Great job Hunter- very impressive- -The MOE Boys

shirlgirl said...

What wonderful pictures and a super wonderful project. Hunter, you should be very proud of yourself and to think everyone will enjoy what you are doing. Congratulations on a fine project.

Becky said...

HOORAY! I'm so proud of you Hunter. :) Now I need you to rub off onto Kaleb. I'm hoping he'll follow suit when he turns 14 too. xoxo