Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fairland High School Homecoming 2009

Tanner saw her dress so he would know what color tie to wear. He told me it was red velvet.
$30 for the flowers
Red velvet, "Oh, that's a heavy fabric."
$20 for the shirt
It was red satin. Not a heavy fabric at all.
$45 for dinner
He went with a large contingency of the cross country team.
$30 tickets

But I didn't worry about him at all. Because he's Tanner.
$ Priceless

And such a cute couple. Very handsome!
(He borrowed the tie.)


Smilin' sunshine said...

Very handsome!

Aaron H. said...

You're right; you don't have to worry about Tanner. Glad he got a babe to go dancing with.

Becky said...

SO FUN! What a great looking nephew. :) Thanks for sharing the pictures!

The Mormon Monk said...

"Tanner saw the dress"...did he see all of it or just the pieces she wore?


shirlgirl said...

Oh Zach, you are too funny!! They are a handsome couple. Hope he had lots of fun. He was very sensitive to the color she wore so that he matched--awesome!!

Duncan Chaos said...

Love your post. Tanner is a great kid, that is priceless!

Whitney Johnson said...

Adorable! What a handsome young man... and darling girl.

Anonymous said...

I love that young man and his mom is right...He's priceless.
mom mom

LL said...

PRICELESS indeed. that's so great!

Amy M. said...

Wow- growing-up so fast. He sounds like a complete gentleman. And priceless like his parents.

NeeNee said...

Very handsome indeed.

Jenny said...

I hope he had a great time! They look like a darling couple--with those flowers, she looks like the Homecoming Queen!
Did they have fun?

Alana said...

Are corsages out now? That is what my dates usually got me. Does that make me old? Be glad he didn't want to spring for the 500$ limo!