Thursday, October 22, 2009

Going to the Dogs

Meet Lolly, a boxer. All you boxer lovers out there, eat your hearts out!

Ranger was asked to babysit her today. There were lots of sniffs.
This is his peck on the cheek.

This is her hug.

Panting from playtime.

He took her on our walk. She's a puller.
Ranger had a good day. Lolly's not a napper, so he's VERY tired.
But come back soon!


Becky said...

Cute dog! :) LOVE her name.

Jenny said...

Lolly looks like my favorite boxer, Griffin. I mean Kristin.

LL said...

SO CUTE!!! Love boxers, of course.
Glad to see Lolly gives HUGS like Griffin (aka Kristen) Griffin always puts his arm over other dogs....just like that.
You are NICE to babysit!

shirlgirl said...

Did you know that Lolly was the nickname for your Dad's and Uncle David's sister who died when she was 9? Looks like both dogs got along very well together.

Duncan Chaos said...

Do you want to babysit Jane the Mastiff next time Lolly comes over?