Sunday, December 25, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

Merry Christmas to me! What a treat to talk with you. We love you. You are our present under the tree, so to speak. The present that symbolizes the spirit of Christmas.

You look fantastic. You sound even better. Your eyebrow wiggles and eyebrow raising made me remember your face. Your nose crinkle made me remember your face even more. But your voice, even with your funny accent, and your laugh, melted my heart. I love ending our missionary visits with Dad's prayer, except we were all surprised when your face had disappeared after we opened our eyes. Where did you go?

One of the best stories I heard this week was from your grandmother. Your grandfather made a hefty purchase at a store this week, and one of his big ticket items was not rung up at all. He discovered the mistake, mentioned it to your grandmother, and she tag teamed him and drove back to pay the bill. Such a good story in today's world where most people, I think, would consider themselves lucky.

The second best story comes from Breyer. We were up the street for a home teaching visit, at our neighbors's house, where Bro. Counts asked if Breyer knew what gifts were given to baby Jesus. She said, "Frankenstein and Merv." Too, too funny.

Porter had his wisdom teeth removed Tuesday. He's done very well in his recovery. Dad said he was very flirty with one nurse coming out of anesthesia. He'll say he did it on purpose. He's visited a few friends, decorated cookies, played basketball with a former teammate, and sewed Christmas bags.

I suppose I have a bit of news to share...I resigned from my job. I signed up for five 8 hour shifts, easily slid into four 10 hour shifts, but being required to work four 12 hour shifts was a bit too much, with my commute, which worsened coming home in rush hour traffic. I would have had to go four days without seeing at least Breyer, probably Miller. I gave them a two week notice, and finished up Wednesday. I was very sad. I was good at the job, which is difficult, taxing, busy, stressful. I would have liked to remain and continue to work towards becoming better.

The Bachs have been here since Wednesday. Such fun times together! We've played lots of games: Chicken Foot, Mexican Train, Rummy Cube...Legos...Bro. Bach and Cooper have been working on the tractor, and have the engine up and running...still working on smoothing out the engine, and then will figure out how to get the deck reattached, and ensure the belt is functioning. Nothing like a little Christmas side project to keep you entertained. The three youngest have gone golfing with Bro. Bach as well. Breyer thinks she had a hole in one, because she only hit the ball one time on that hole. They said she had a fifty yard drive, though, even with her funny grip.

Breyer had her six month dental check-up, and was told she has TWELVE cavities! Oh dear! All in the four back molars, which have VERY deep pockets that are hard to clean. We went back the next day and they filled to minor cavities to see how she would do. Next time we're getting the shot for numbing, and major drilling. Eventually, whatever molars are left will be covered in sealants.

We made gingerbread houses on Friday, and decorated them Saturday morning. I only had to make six this year ;-) Dad helps me with gluing them together. Sis. Bach helps me with everything else. Later on in the day we took them to six families, and caroled at their front door until they answered.

Tomorrow your brother and his wife arrive. I haven't seen them for a year, and until today, really haven't talked with them since August.

Today was my first day in church in a long time, and I got to play Christmas music on the organ. I also got to hear Cooper bless the sacrament for the first time. We were reading from The Book of Mormon in 3rd Nephi, where the signs of Christ's birth are mentioned. I had forgotten those who were against the Nephites fell to the earth as if dead, "for they knew that the great plan of destruction which they had laid for those who believed in the words of the prophets had been frustrated; for the sign which had been given was already at hand...and they began to fear because of their iniquity and their unbelief."

One day those whom you've taught, will realize you were right, and feel similar feelings. Not so much for being against you, such as those who were causing the Nephites to perish, but more for not believing.

Go on and continue in your work, enduring to the end, and never quitting. We love you. We're so proud of you. So glad to see you today.



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shirlgirl said...

Sorry to hear that you resigned from your job. Can't blame you though. Such a terrible commute. What about Fort Worth? Is that an option? You had mentioned it.

Love this picture of you and Breyer.